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Politics and Our Future Things in America, today, are turning for the worst. People are losing their jobs and their homes. Jobs are getting harder and harder to find these days. Unemployment benefits and food stamps are slowly being cut. These people do not have the slightest clue what is going on with the economy and where exactly all of their money is going. Their futures and their children’s futures are going down the drain. The people ask, why is this happening to me?

The answer is that the top one percent of America is taking all of their money away. The billionaires and the millionaires are being taxed way less than the other ninety-nine percent of America. They are paying congress for what they want to happen In America’s government. Also, the one percent take home half of America’s money. The rich are very self- centered, and at the same time they are more dominant when It comes to money, and furthermore they are not helping out the poor In this harsh time In America’s economy. The reality of America’s economy is not at all what we think it is. Employment rates are steadily increasing and it is driving people into poverty. Is his country all about the wealthy? Do the poor even have a chance? Is there even a way out? What are the jobs going to be like for everyone and their children in the future? What are they going to be like for me? Are the jobs really going to be there? We should care about what happens in United States politics, because it is our future. I believe In a better future for myself and others, and the only way to one Is If we try to change American politics.

My future Is very Important to me and politics can make It easy or Wielded 2 uneasy for myself. I want to be able to achieve great things, but will politics bring me own? I think they will because of my financial needs for education. I want to work hard for everything that I believe in, and actually get what I deserve in this economy. Also, I want to be able to find a job in my specific profession without any difficulties. My money should be a reward for all my hard work no matter what the Job is, and I do no not want anything less than the people around me.

I should be able to find a job with no problem, especially if I am a hard worker, no matter what my financial background is or where I am from. My skills and dedication should be enough, and hat goes to all the poor In America. There are less Jobs and more reasons for a child not to get an education. The rich have an extreme amount of access, and we, the poor, do not have many resources. We have to strive to get what we deserve and It Is very hard to pull ourselves out of poverty. It Is Like the rich own the poor.

We work for these people every day, even when we go to the store to purchase their products, and we are not getting the pay we deserve. We barely get paid enough to pay our bills or getting richer, meanwhile, we see more homeless and more homes up for sale or rent. Eventually, there will be nothing left for us, the poor. We need to get the word out about all the problems in today’s politics and economy here in America. The poor people need to know what is going on, because they do not even realize that they are poor.

They actually think that everything is going well for them when it is really not. The middle class is steadily decreasing, and eventually there will be no such thing. Ninety-nine percent of us Americans need to fight for our place on this horrible economy. We need to put together classes that expand the knowledge of our problems in the United States today. Also, we Wielded 3 are going to have to reach out to the idea of putting our concerns on live television. The problem with the wealthy having half of our money needs to be known worldwide.

The people need to know about the Job issue immediately or their futures and the children’s futures will not be great. Their children will not have any Job or education opportunities. We need help from all the resources we can find to fix this job situation to diminish poverty and to make the middle class rise again to what it used to be. The safety net that our country promised is slowly being taken away from s, and the wealthy have no care for us, because they have everything they need and more.

If we tax them more and us, the poor, less then we might have a chance to bring this economy back up where it needs to be. Listen as we cry for help, and fix the Job and money situation so we can have better futures for ourselves and our children. The wealthy may be rich and have political power, but it does not necessarily make them bad people. Some can be very kind and generous but some can be greedy and out of control. They may feel entitlement, but some do try to help in the title ways they can.

They may donate money to charities or put smiles on the faces who never have a reason to smile. The greedy ones, on the other hand, make it almost impossible for the poor to succeed. They believe if your school was bad then opportunity is out of reach, so good Jobs are hard to achieve. The rich Judge the poor by where they grew up, and do not notice their full potential for good Jobs. They want to get rid of the unions for all those who work for public businesses, because they want more privately owned schools and businesses to take all the money away from he less fortunate.

Just because we were not born into wealth does not mean we cannot take their Jobs and perform them Just as Wielded 4 well. The wealthy need to realize what they are doing to ninety-nine percent of America, because one day the poor will rise up and make it hard for the futures of the wealthy and their children. People today should understand our politics in the United States and try to change it, so our economy will be better for our children and our children’s children. We should be able have to have the educations and the Job opportunities that are opposed to be there for us.

The poor are not very well represented in government, and somehow we need to get the rich to realize how bad things really are for the poor in the economy. The youth in the United States today are the future of our live out the rest of their lives with insecurity about Jobs. We need to start helping this economy change for the better. We, as the people of America, need to do everything possible to make our futures and the futures of the young brighter and more reasonable. My future, our future, depends on politics and the economy so we should start caring now.

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