Political Cartoons

In political cartoons, two animals are used to represent the two major political parties. Which animal represents each party?
elephant—Republican party
donkey—Democratic party

An analysis of any political cartoon would include all of the following EXCEPT:
Was the donkey or elephant symbol used in the cartoon?

A political cartoon shows the history of an era. Which would you most expect to see in a political cartoon about the election between Bush and Gore, where the results took several weeks to determine?
donkeys, elephants, and judges in a courtroom

The term “lame duck” refers to a candidate who has not been re-elected, but remains in office until the newly elected politician is sworn in. How could a cartoonist best use the term “lame duck” in a political cartoon?

Which of the following best describes irony within political cartoons?

What should the artist do to create an effective caricature?

Which of the following would a cartoonist likely use to symbolize the idea of peace?

A political cartoon showing an urban area as dirty, rat-infested, and covered with graffiti is an example of ___________.

Which of the following is the BEST interpretation of an eagle in an American political cartoon?

The use of Uncle Sam to represent the US is often used in political cartoons. This is an example of which technique?

A political cartoon shows the history of an era. Which of the following would you most expect to see in a political cartoon from the late 1700s?
teapots, ships with British flags, white men in wigs

Which of the following depicts an analogy that might be shown in a political cartoon?
school with poor discipline shown as Disneyland

A political cartoon shows the White House crumbling and falling down. What is the technique and message that the cartoonist is using?
symbolism; the presidency is weak

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