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Descriptive Statistics

From the table above, a mean of 2.85 represents the opinion of the majority of the people. This had a standard deviation of 1.109. The maximum code for the response reached four, representing never, and the minimum being one representing always. Most of the responded chose always and with more conditions giving the mean to 2.85. There were only three parties interviewed. These were the republican, democratic and the independent party. The codes represented that most of the people came from the independent party. This is the mean of almost 2 that supports the idea. There was a standard deviation of 0.766 from the mean.


The above table gives the idea regarding the correspondence of the respondents. 1485 respondent positively gave their views with most of the key questions answered. Only 15 interviewees did not finish the key questions required for the analysis of the research. On the questionnaire part, 677 gave full information about what the researcher wanted, that is, the number of fully filled questionnaires were 677. 824 represented the number of questionnaires that did not have the full information required by the researcher.

Frequency Table

When should abortion be permitted?

From the table above, it is evident that a bigger percentage of citizens would advocate for abortion. 40.7 percent are for abortion and those who are in consensus with abortion amount to 85.2. This is a clear indication that majority of the public prefer abortion as a normal thing in life. Those in contrast with the idea amount to only 14.2 percent giving a smaller value. The negligible percentage that do not support abortion have their reasons as to why mostly considering the religious point of view.

The graph above represents the information with the percentages of how the individuals perceived the information regarding abortion.

The missing percentage of the fully filled questionnaires gives a bigger percentage. This percentage greatly affects the analysis of the data, as it enlarges the error term by a bigger value.

RECODE of partyid7 (Summary Party ID)

The table above shows the number of the respondents interviewed in the research. The researcher conducted a survey considering the response of different people from different political parties. The democrats represented 32.8 percent of the total, the independent party constituted 41.0 percent, while the republicans were 26.3 percent of the total. The total amount of the respondentsinterviewed were 1500 with 15 members missing some key ideas on the survey.

The above table gives descriptive figures of the respondents interviewed in the survey. It is evident that the independent party gave out the largest number respondent with the republican contributing the least amount. The number of the people who did not respond amount to 15

Regression Analysis

Variables Entered/ Removedb

a. All requested variables entered.

b. Dependent Variable: When should abortion be permitted?

Model Summary

a. Predictors: (Constant), RECODE of partyid7 (Summary

Party ID)

Running the regression table, the above results represented the whole survey. 4 percent of the independent variable explained the dependent variable. In this case, 4 percent of the party identification explained the variation of the ideal time that abortion should be permitted. The standard error of the estimate was 1.086.

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