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Gang and Security Threat Group Awareness When I pulled this web page up I found that it was from the Florida Department of Corrections. In 1992 the Department of corrections started to monitor the level of gang activity within their prisons. They also created a web page to assist the public in education regarding gang violence. While reading, I decided to review their question and answer section. Here I was able to review the difference between California Law and Florida Law when it came to criminal street gangs. The first thing I found was that the definition f what a gang is varied some what between both states.

Florist’s definition was missing one element that the State of California has in theirs. Florida states this off gang, “It is a formal or informal ongoing organization, association, or group that has as one of its primary activities the committing of criminal or delinquent acts. ” While the State of California states that a gang Is three or more people, with a common name sign or symbol, who have committed at least two of the 35 predicate offensives outlined in 186. 22 PC. Reading Florist’s definition, It Is easier then California to make a group a gang. How does one become a documented gang member?

In my reading Florida has a set outline similar to that of California. The person has to be Identified by someone that the courts would feel Is reliable, such as a parent/guardian. When a subject Is frequently known to reside In gang areas or Is found to be In association with known gang members. If a person Is found In gang photos they can be documented as a gang member. The law has made It clear that gang violence will not be tolerated In the United States. Groups like that In the Florida Prison system will Insure that gangs will never take control In this great land of ours.

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