Police Have Been Filing Court Orders

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Looking for the latest headlines in small business, innovation and tech? Our recaps are posted every morning to keep you current.Taking sides. In the wake of the controversy between Gawker and Peter Thiel, Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos has stated his by funding lawsuits.New clues.

Police have been filing from Android devices via Google that may help track where crime suspects have been.The competition. in the Middle East is actually beating out Uber.Sharing the love. Microsoft will to third-party developers, allowing them to build virtual- and augmented-reality devices of their own.Going underground.

The world’s longest and deepest tunnel, named the , officially opened in Switzerland today. It’s 35.4 miles long.Naughty nuggets. Even though McDonald’s is, it may not be all that valuable after someone accusing the franchise of discriminating against the blind.

Unleashing the beast. Burger King is unveiling a Whopper of a deal,

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