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Poets use different styles in presenting their poetry, and these styles determine how their works will be received. The poets choose the levels of difficulty for their poetry depending on the target audience. This reduces the accessibility of the poem, so that not all people who read the poem will understand its meaning. The poems that various poets write also portray some levels of orientations to philosophical sub disciplines; thus, the poets derive the experiences of the people and compress these experiences in verses. The following poems show various characteristics of poetry genre that have been written over time; these poems have many resemblances, but they also have some differences depending on the preferences of the poet.


Accessibility is the ability of the poem to hind some information, such that only the target audience gets to decipher the poem; in most cases, these poems are ambiguous and they can be taken in variant ways. For instance, the sonnets in this collection of poetry are the least accessible. This is because the poets have to stick to a strict form, and this calls for strict selection of words; some of which may not have a direct relationship with the context The persona in Edmund Spenser’s Sonnet 75 seems to be talking about the love for a woman, probably his wife. He gives the wife an immortal image, and this may be challenging for the readers to grasp the meaning of the poem. The other poem that is not easy to understand, is John Donne’s The Ecstas the reason is that the readers expect a very romantic theme, but the poem is actually the discussion of the link between the spirit and body. The other poem difficult in accessibility is Anecdote of the Jar written by Wallace Stevens. In this poem the author uses the jar as a symbol of the bare landscape, meaning that people have destroyed the environment.

Philosophical Orientations

These poems have different philosophical orientations; they appeal to different philosophical ideals that can be used to interpret the poetry. For instance, To His Coy Mistress is a metaphysical poem about a woman who is slow to respond to the persona’s sexual advances. The poem seems to cover the reality of human life. The persona laments that the woman is denying him in the opportunity to enjoy their existence, yet life is very short. This is the reality of nature siince no one knows the length of his/her life; the persona wants to have an intimate relationship with the woman he loves and to enjoy the short life together. The other poem that appeals to ethics is Barbara Allen song; a young man is suffering a lot, and he is dying of unanswered love for Barbara Allen. This lady is summoned to his deathbed, but she refuses to answer the persona’s love by telling the young man that he is dying. When the young man dies, grief strikes the lady, and she dies soon after. A briar grows from the lady’s grave and a rose from the young man’s grave. This shows that people should treat others right, and hence, the poem makes an ethical appeal. Wild Nights by Emily Dickenson also appeals to people’s emotions since it seems appealing to people to feel the emotions presented in the poem.


All the above poems have different levels of accessibility, and they also appeal to different philosophical ideals. This is because the poems are written about the society, and the society is full of different people who are targeted in these poems. Therefore, poets have to write the poems in a way so that they would be relevant in all spheres of society.

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