Plea in Mitigation

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Before coming for this plea, I had a conference of one hour with my client and could find the serious depressive and desperate state he is presently in and I would request your full comprehension to get him out of this situation. Your honor, my client has ABA Monition claimed to be victim of false allegation and is consistently claiming the same thing till now and as he earlier said, the truth will come out the end. Today, he asked me to report the following details to the court: The facts reported by the victim started precisely In 1999, 15 years ago when my linen was not yet married.

He met with miss B at the temple and after some time, they fell in love to each other. They planned to get married very soon. In the meantime, they voluntarily had sexual intercourse on several occasions. My client found no issue in having sex with the plaintiff due to her age of 19 and that she gave her consent and was always cooperating in the acts and anyway they were to get married. However, after one year of strong relationship during year 2000, miss B, asked my client to postpone any plan for immediate wedding because she wanted to fly to the UK for further studies which my client agreed to finance.

However, due to unexpected financial difficulties, my client failed to meet with the promise in time. In Jan 2001, the relationship broke between them but miss B continued to come to the temple till DCE 2001 , thereafter she stopped coming and years passed by. In Jan 2002 Mr. A got married to her present wife and started a new married life from which they got a son, who is 10 years now. In early DCE 2013, miss B re-appeared in the temple and begged my client to resume their past relationship which Mr. A refused tectonically due to his present family positions.

Thereafter, this problem started. Adult of 19 at the time of the alleged facts, did not report the suspected rape 15 years ago. 2. Miss B continued to come to the temple despite being allegedly raped and despite that no obligation was put on her to forcefully come to the temple after the rapes, if any. 3. Miss B has re-appeared in the Temple almost 10 years later despite of her alleged bad experience there. Furthermore I want to highlight that 1 . My client did not manipulate the victim, neither caused any physical assault on her or did he try any sequestration on her. . My client did not deny the relationship between them, even though knowing that the case is quite old and that tangible evidence would be difficult to find. 3. My client denies the rape but not the love relationship which was genuine at that time but which turned bad due to the girl herself, being a person with low self esteem and confidence which rendered herself unreliable. 4. My client has collaborated with the police voluntarily and by his own initiative provided his DNA sample and all the exhibits required as early as during the enquiry tag.

Your honor, all these points highlighted above, clearly show no bad motive from my client but instead he seems to become an innocent victim for not adhering to the plaintiffs request to restart their old relationship and for having failed in financing her studies in the I-J. Consequently he is suffering as follows: 1. His family life is shattered; his wife whom he loves very much has left home with their 10 years old son and a newly born kid. She has also already filled a divorce petition. 2. The 10 years old son is sitting for the COPE exams this year. 3.

My client is in custody for the past 3 months due to his inability to pay for bail and during this same period, his wife gave birth to their 2nd son and that he has not been able to see neither his wife nor his newly born son and he is deeply depressed for this deprivation. 4. His wife had to renounce her maternity leave and to take a Job as pre-primary school teacher only to get a meager salary of RSI 8000, largely insufficient to financially 5. My client is a priest and was a respected member off MISSION , a well known International religious organization and all this respect has been tarnished now both in Mars and Worldwide. My client had a catering business selling pure vegetarian foods, part of the proceeds of which he was donating as CARS to needy people but all these has been affected, due to heavy losses and close down of this business and his 5 employees are all out of Job now. 7. He was also offering free daily meal to some 20 SAD of his locality. All these SAD, despite their own bad social position are now looking at my client with much disregard and disrespect. 8. The employees, who are present in court, are agreeable to come forward to confirm the good and humanitarian qualities of my customer, if your honor wishes to. My client’s business is financed with a Bank Loan which has now gone impaired and the Bank is harassing him even in Jail to repay the loan else his property will be liquidated. 10. The Bank of Mars has also blacklisted him in the MIMIC – Mars Credit Investigation Bureau and consequently he will face credit worthiness problem visas a visas other local Financial institutions and may be deprived of credit facilities in the future. 1 1 . My client is 48 years old has started getting cardiac problems since he entered jail and is not having proper treatment and his life is at stake.

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