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There are certain films that are Just meant to become classics, to be seen as masterpieces, even if not during their heyday but after a few decades. Such an example of a film like this is Planet of the Apes, which the eccentricity of its origins gives it a boost when it came to the awesomeness of the film. However, this essay is not meant to explain the storyline, rather to give a description of the musical score of It. The story began aboard a spaceship that was on Its way to an unknown place around the constellation of Orion, in which had no background music until the crew landed In an unexpected manner.

The music started playing suspense fully where despair seemed as the emotion that ran across everyone’s minds and hearts when the crew had crash landed In the middle of the ocean. Luckily, they were prepared for such events and managed to survive, except for one crew member. However little did they know that they had not only traveled through space, but through time as well. They were light years away from planet earth as well as 2 millennia past their own or so they imagined. The music during the scene helped in the way that it made me feel as if I was lost as well.

During the crews time in the assert, there was a bit of background music that kind of portrayed adventure and bravery in my opinion. The music during the scene seem to have fitted with the scenery around. Jerry Goldsmith was the great genius behind the musical score for Planet of the Apes, his work still to this day remains a classic. Not only was his choices for the making of the musical score for the movie genius, they were innovative as well. His addition of ethnic instruments to an already large orchestra added a feeling of anxiety and sort of depicts the apes as horrific.

The way he utilizes non-traditional instruments such as ram’s horns or electric harps gave the musical score a more thrilling experience. The addition of extra percussion instruments help draw you away from the more classical/traditional melodies. For example the scene where the apes are first seen is depicted by terror as they are on horseback and carry guns to hunt down humans, as some crazy reverted theory from a lunatic’s deepest Journal entries. The melody in that scene represented the aggression that the apes were showing to humans, Just as humans do to other animals.

I found the music in that particular scene to sound a bit revolutionary as If he Intelligent primates weren’t enough to obtain that feeling. Jerry Goldsmith uses a number of motifs, such as one that had 3 different tonal areas, which give the feeling of a chase occurring as adrenaline rushes through veins, sweat pours out, fright, flight or die In the chase. There was another scene In the movie where music played a heavy role, “The Forbidden Zone” a desert to the apes, but later to be discovered as even more than lust that.

During that scene the music was sort of eerie and mysterious as trying to portray the dangers of a desert and not knowing where they might end up. The per say, in order for them to keep attention to the storyline. Its importance relied on the viewer being able to want to see what was beyond the certain “Forbidden Zone”. However that same zone also contained a place where the movie answers many questions that had been on the viewer’s mind, the cave, which I would like to refer as the cave of origin.

The music when the protagonist along with all main characters search upon to is rather different than the rest of the musical pieces, it kind of over dramatists the findings they make on the different layers within the cave’s floor. I live it expresses what the movie wanted to portray, that the answer to the protagonist problems and confusion lied in there. Just as I have been describing the music, I also feel the need to describe the instruments used to perform it.

First of all there was a large symphony orchestra in which there was triple woodwind that included a double bassoon. There were also flute players that also had to double as piccolo players, but I must not forget the brass section that included three trumpets, trombones, and the exclusion of tuba. The piano as usual was the most important instrument on the orchestra as it even ad its own solo. Not only were there traditional instruments, there was an inclusion for unconventional ones such as horns, whether ram’s or Tibetan.

There was also rooms for the participation of electronic harps and even electric bass clarinets. The motifs used to create such wonderful music did somewhat have some flaws, but not noteworthy. Overall, the musical score for this film was on another level, by which I mean it’s Just very well done, extravagant, and amazing. The way in which this science fiction film uses its musical score to actually portray emotions, events leaves a legacy that other science fiction films tend to follow.

Music in general helps soothe the mind, but in this particular film it does quite the contrary as it creates exhilaration. Exhilaration which any science fiction fan would pay the fee for to enjoy, being a sic-if fan myself I sure found it really entertaining. The musical score does not distract from the storyline, but yet it transports to another place when you let it flow through. In conclusion I would like to state that the musical masterpiece played a really important part in turning the film into the award winning work of outstanding artistry in all the senses of the word.

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