Planet Earth study guide Freshwater

How much water is on the Earth???
3 percent

The biggest water falls in the world is located where?
Angel falls- more than 300 miles high.

Where is the largest fish migration in the world?
Accord the Northern hemisphere

What river carved away the sandstone in Arizona to create Grand Canyon.
Colorado River- for 5 million years it has eaten away at the sandstone.

How big can Nile crocs get?
More than 16 feet long.

How do dolphin noses fish detect prey?
Electric field they emit, and they detect it by electrical distortions in the field.

Freshwater lakes hold how many times the water as rivers in the world?
20 turns more fresh water.

What is the biggest freshwater lake in the water
Lake Baikal holds 1/5 of Earths freshwater.

What is the largest river in the world

How do fresh water Dolphins detect prey
Use sonar senses to detect prey

How many gallons per second of fresh water pour over Iguacu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina
3 millions gallons of water per second

What is the name of the place where rivers enter the sea

When soil sediment builds up in the areas named in (13) semi dry land forms what?

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