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The major ground for this program is to supply information to the City Council sing the amendss caused by a inundation that was experienced presently in the metropolis and besides recommend ways of bettering the extenuation plan so as to cut down the amendss. The program will besides measure the steps that had been put in topographic point before the inundation took topographic point and the effectivity of those steps. The program will affect measuring those countries that were barely hit by the inundation ; this will be done through going to different countries affected by the inundation.

To measure the harm caused by the inundation countries that received major amendss to belongings and to lives will foremost be assessed. During the appraisal it is necessary to garner information from the people who were affected by or involved in the deliverance squads during the inundation. To measure the public safety issues in the City I will run into with persons from all sectors that dealt with jurisprudence enforcement. medical aid. fire bar and all the voluntary organisations during and after the inundation.

The jurisprudence hatchet mans will supply information sing the safety of the populace during and after the inundation. So as to hold high quality information during the appraisal I will interview those jurisprudence enforcement officers who were present at the clip of the inundation ( Hunt et al. 1993 ) . The information provided by the constabulary will help in look intoing how the constabulary section tackles instances inundation catastrophes in the metropolis. The other group that will be interviewed during the appraisal is the local governments.

The local governments will offer information to measure their preparedness incase of a natural catastrophe like a inundation. The local governments have the duty of developing a extenuation program in instance of a inundation. The same group will besides supply estimations of the belongings that was damaged during and after the inundation so as to come up with an estimation figure of the belongings destroyed by the catastrophe. Senior local authorization officers will be interviewed although the program will stress on questioning those officers who witnessed the catastrophe so as to get first manus information.

The other group that will be interviewed will be the City’s Department of Emergency Management ; which is supposed to organize the catastrophe alleviation and besides mobilise all the available groups in the alleviation exercising. This Department will supply information to help in measuring the available aid incase of inundations or natural catastrophes in the City. Military officers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) will besides be interviewed in the program as this is the federal bureau that is supposed to supervise issues of catastrophe direction within the metropolis.

FEMA will supply information on estimations of the belongings that was destroyed during and after the inundation. Volunteer organisations that assisted in the alleviation attempts during and after the inundation will besides be interviewed. These organisations which include the Red Cross will supply their ain estimations of the losingss incurred during and after the inundation. Medical and wellness functionaries who took portion in proviso of medical aid during and after the inundation will be interviewed in the appraisal program to garner in formation sing the wellness and medical conditions that resulted due to the inundation.

All the medical organisations which were involved in the alleviation exercising will be interviewed in the appraisal program and the information collected will be treated as primary informations because the organisations witnessed the inundation. The local community that was affected by the inundation will be interviewed and direct observations made in the affected countries. The local community will supply information that will be used to measure the belongings harm because the organisations mentioned above can merely supply an estimation of the loss incurred due to the inundation.

With the aid of the affected community. observations will be made to come up with an estimation of the harm caused by the inundation. The affected community will besides supply information on the readiness of the alleviation squads that were deployed in the country during and after the inundation. To measure the extent of the harm on the edifices. edifice inspectors will be on the affected part and their information will supply an estimation of the amendss caused on belongings and edifices by the inundation catastrophe.

To look into the catastrophe a GIS methodological analysis would be used so as to deduce a inundation jeopardy function and the degree of the hazard within the City. So as to deduce the inundation map it will be necessary to digitise the contours available on the topographic maps to develop a Digital Elevation Model ( DEM ) at a certain declaration for the whole part. So as to hold an effectual surface insertion. a technique called three-dimensional spline will be used to transport out the insertion exercising. The land usage or screen of the City will be derived from Landsat images to help in the probe of the inundation.

To efficaciously look into the inundation catastrophe it is necessary to transport out a inundation hazard analysis based on the estimated overflow coefficients from the different land screens in the City ( Miller. 2007 ) . During the procedure of look intoing the inundation catastrophe it is necessary to garner information from instruction establishments in the City that are presently transporting out research in catastrophe direction and particularly inundations. Research workers concern with the issues of inundations will besides supply information utile in measuring the hazard of the inundation and developing extenuation steps for future catastrophes.

After the appraisal of the amendss caused by the inundation and probe into the catastrophe it was found out that more than 50 % of the belongings that was located on the inundation field was damaged during and after the inundation. This is a clear indicant that there were no major betterments to cut down the amendss incurred during inundations as compared to the old inundation which occurred five old ages ago. The undermentioned grounds could be attributed to the deficiency of betterments in the harm control. Flooding occurs when there is an unusual high watercourse flow that overtops the river or H2O classs within a certain country.

Man’s continued invasion on the inundation field may hold been the major ground for the high degrees of amendss. Since the happening of the old inundation five old ages ago. the community should hold been advised on the dangers of increased invasion in the inundation field. Invasion of the community in the inundation field leads to building and on the inundation field and when the inundation occur all the constructions and other belongingss are destroyed. This is a ground for the devastation sing the fact that there had been another inundation in the same country five old ages ago.

Lack of effectual inundation control structures in the country may hold besides resulted to the high degrees of amendss witnessed during the inundation. This is as a consequence of hapless design and building of the inundation control structures. Poor design is due to either deficiency of experient interior decorators or application of a low degree of the design storm in the design of the constructions. Design storm is used in the design of inundation control structures so as to guarantee that in instance of a inundation the amendss caused will be minimum.

When the existent storm is more than the design storm used in the design of the inundation control structures it is likely that the constructions will neglect. Poor design of the constructions leads to rinsing off of the constructions ensuing to fatal amendss on belongings and human life in the affected part. Lack of proper agencies of communicating would hold led to the high amendss experienced during the inundation. Effective communicating earlier. during and after a inundation is necessary to cut down the amendss caused by the inundation.

An effectual early warning system should hold been put in topographic point to advise the people and the appropriate governments incase of a inundation. An effectual early warning system helps cut down the harm because belongings and human existences are moved from the hazardous countries to safer parts in the metropolis hence cut downing the harm. If the information provided by the warning systems indicate that a inundation is at hand so information should be passed over to the community and operations initiated to travel those who are at high hazards due to the inundation.

During the inundation there should be an effectual agencies of communicating between all the organisations transporting out the deliverance exercising. As compared to the inundation which occurred five old ages ago it is clear that early warning systems have non been improved from that clip because any betterment would hold helped cut down the harm through effectual deliverance operations and communications. The governments with the duty of cut downing the amendss caused by inundations should hold besides incorporated some advanced inundation extenuation steps to cut down the harm of the inundation.

The major thought involved in the advanced extenuation steps is incorporating the public particularly those on the inundation prone countries into extenuation planning operations. If advanced extenuation steps had been put in topographic point after the inundation five old ages ago so the harm would hold been significantly reduced this clip. Some of the schemes that would hold been put in topographic point include developing the populace on inundation consciousness. usage of inundation symbols in the metropolis. proviso of inundation related maps and resiliency during the inundation ( Hunt et al. 1993 ) .

Another step would hold been to explicate policies that require people to recognize flood bar steps in their places and hence the people play a more active function in the planning procedure of the extenuation steps. Spatial planning characteristics should besides hold been incorporated in planning of the extenuation plan. The other scheme is to include the right people and bureaus in the planning procedure ; this ensures that the right groups are good prepared incase of a inundation hence cut downing the amendss caused by the inundation.

All the bureaus and organisations to be involved in the deliverance and alleviation exercising should hold equal staff and equipment so as to transport out their work efficaciously. One of the major recommendations that would assist cut down the harm of inundations is integrating all the concern and affected groups into the design and planning of the extenuation plan. This would guarantee that all the organisations and persons are good prepared to cut down the amendss of the inundation. The other recommendation is to better the current early warning system so that the system is effectual.

An effectual early warning system will guarantee that those people who are in inundation prone countries are rescued at an appropriate clip hence minimising the amendss. The general rule refering the necessity and execution of extenuation steps in this instance is to cut down the harm caused by the inundation as compared to old inundations. The following are the chief grounds for implementing the extenuation steps in the City: The extenuation steps assist in the analysis of the Vulnerability and hazard appraisal in the metropolis.

The extenuations steps are besides necessary to guarantee there is engineering transportation and promotion in engineering. The extenuation steps provide public consciousness. preparation and institutional inducements. Land usage planning and land policies are developed based on the extenuation steps in the metropolis. Mitigation steps are besides necessary in building in that they provide for building of immune edifices and reinforced edifices harmonizing to the degree of the expected catastrophe.

Apart from inundation control and harm decrease the extenuation steps are besides of import in inundation barricading. land usage planning. inundation warning. levee protection and protection of catchments to guarantee the H2O degrees in the rivers do non lessen below the optimal degrees. WORD COUNT: 1. 937 REFERENCE LIST Hunt. James. Carter. Bruce. Kelly and Frank. ( 1993 ) . clearly defined chain-of-command aid mobilise oil spill respondents. occupational wellness and safety 62. ( 6 ) ; pp. 40 Miller C. ( 2007 ) . The debut and enlargement of GIS into a Small Local Health Department Drinking- Water Program. diary of Environmental Health. 69 ( 6 ) . pp. 35-41

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