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There are many interesting places in the world to visit. Many places are interesting because of their popularity, some are interesting because of the climate and some are Interesting because they are always on the news. Chicago, SST Petersburg and Armenia are three places In the world that have an Interesting history. Word. It’s the word form one of languages used by Indians. It means the strong smell. This city has been called by this name because when the Indians lived in this area onions used to be grown in wide land at this area.

Chicago is located on the banks of Michigan lake, also called windy city because the efferent pressures over the Michigan lake cause the strong air currents. The Indians lived in Chicago at the old days until 1631 when the traveler and map maker Louis Joule had reached it After his exploration thousands of people come to Chicago, during 100 years after this exploration the white people fire the war and killed between 5- 12 millions of Indians. At 1837 the war was finished and during 10 years Chicago expanded 16 Times and grow with economical and Industrial development.

But during the life of this city there are some things happened lead to effect on Chicago at 1871 on the west of city there was small and old house owned by Mrs.. Lola, Mrs.. Olav was used to rear cows at the backyard and at the evening of one day a cow kicked the main fire place caused the fire, at that days all houses in Chicago were made of straw so the result of this was that most of Chicago was burned within hours. Day by day Chicago stood up again and continued growing and developing. Today Chicago is the third biggest city in America with 2. Million of population after New York and Los Angels, Chicago is a major hub of transportation and has the second busiest airport on the world which Is Ornery International Airport. Chicago at 2012 hosted 46 million people from all the world. (Ala al Swain, 2008, 1-12). Figure 1 . Chicago, Cloud Gate. (Ratter Arcadian, 2012) The second place is Saint Petersburg, it’s located western Russia at the Nava river at the Baltic sea under lake Finland. Saint Petersburg is second biggest city in Russia and it is considered the capital of culture for Russian and one of the culture center in Europe.

Name of Saint Petersburg was changed at 1914 to Petrography and at 1924 was changed to Leningrad but at 1 991 returned to the old name Saint Petersburg. ar. Walked, 2014, Para 1) Saint Petersburg Is an Important mall port In Russia, It Include three sub ports, also the major hub of transportation, 10% of turbine engines around the word is made in has extensive system of local roads and railway services, maintains a large public transport system that includes the Saint Petersburg tram and the Saint Petersburg Metro, and is home to a number of revering services that convey passengers around the city efficiently and in relative comfort.

Saint Petersburg State University is largest public higher education institution. The city has more than fifty theaters, one of the ammos museum in the word is located in Saint Petersburg which is Hermitage Art Museum. The first film studios in the world was founded in Saint Petersburg at 20th century, in 1997 the first Foreign movie filmed in Saint Petersburg entirely which was Anna Kari to Tolstoy. (en. Wisped, 2014, Para 1, 3) Figure 2.

Saint Petersburg, Hermitage Art Museum (transit, 2014) The third place which I’ll talk about it is Armenia. Armenia is located at western Asia and eastern Europe and it’s considered Eurasian country, many countries border Armenia, Turkey from the south Georgia form the north and Russia from the east. Armenian principality and later a kingdom, known as Clinician Armenia which existed on at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea between the 1 lath and 14th centuries until the Ottoman empire controlled south land of Armenia. The Armenian living in their lands under Ottoman Empire control which systematically exterminated Armenian Genocide. By the 19th century Armenia traditional land became divided between Ottomans and Russian. Armenia was part of the Soviet Union, at 1991 Armenia was got independent, the capital of Armenia called Yearn, Armenia was the first state on the world adopt the Christian as main religion of the country at 301 A. C. In conclusion, three places that have an interesting history are Chicago, SST Petersburg and Armenia.

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