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In England, ‘The retail sector employs one in five of us’. Retail is an important part of the economy, with many people joining and leaving retail companies every day. Retail is about selling products to the public from a cup of coffee, to a house. There are many different sectors in retail, but for this report I will be focusing on Supermarkets and their place in retail. I will be focusing on three main Supermarkets, these being; Tesco, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

While looking at these main players and their place in the market, I will also be looking at their graduate schemes, and what they have to offer potential graduate employees. To gain more knowledge of what sort of qualities these companies look for when they are selecting graduates to work for them, I will be obtaining application forms to see whether I can assess what kind of qualities they necessitate from the questions they ask. Methodology

I will be doing this by looking on company websites, looking at research done on these companies and also by looking at application forms for graduates to see what employers look for when they have graduated from University and are seeking employment. I will also be looking at different sources from books articles and journals. By looking at application forms it will give some indication of what kind of qualities employers look for. To give me some background on the size of the market, I will be looking in the Media to see who are the biggest players in the market and who are the up and coming companies.

From doing all of this I will then have a wide knowledge of what employers want when they are employing graduates, and what qualities a graduate really needs to have to be able to apply for a job well. Findings The retail industry is one of the largest industries in Britain. Supermarkets take over a large proportion of this, with new establishments opening up regularly. The industry accounts for almost 20% of all employment in the UK. Every year, more than a million retail establishment’s account for nearly i?? 3 million each year in the economy.

Project growth of retail employment is 300% greater than manufacturing. In 2005 more than 15% of all jobs that were created were in retailing. Statistics show that one in five people work within the retail industry. Many people are employed within supermarkets, and staff turnover is high with many people leaving and joining every day. Supermarkets are always in the media, just recently Tesco’s had the limelight as a new store opened and the residents of the town it was opening up in, did not want the supermarket to be built.

Tesco’s is the third largest player in the market, with over 1500 stores open in nearly every town and now, even some stores are opening up in America. Tesco employs over 326,000 staff all over the world, with stores in many different countries. Looking at the main players in the market in order, the research shows that Tesco owns the biggest share of the market, with Asda coming second, Sainsbury’s coming third, Marks & Spencer coming fourth and Waitrose coming fifth.

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