Picking a stock Essay

Picking a stock is non every bit easy as distinguishing NYSE from the Nasdaq. And more significantly. such differences are independent of the quality of the stocks. Both Bourses make up the large bulk of the US stock market. Easily. these stock exchanges maintain the country’s premiered bluish bit stocks ; wherein Microsoft is Nasdaq’s “flagship” stock and General Electric is arguably NYSE’s most good established listed company. The most blazing difference between the two is their ain pick of medium to make minutess. “Nasdaq-listed trades are wholly automated.

NYSE trades are still overseen by specializers. While bargainers have some say in how. when and at what monetary value the trades are crossed. they can’t pick the market” ( NYSE vs. Nasdaq. ( 2003 ) . from web site hypertext transfer protocol: //www. forbes. com/2003/08/18/cx_aw_0818mondaymatchup. hypertext markup language ) . Meanwhile. NYSE’s seven ( 7 ) specializers act as facilitators with the involvement of doing a really liquid market in the stock exchange. Nasdaq’s market shapers on the other manus. really act as participants in the purchasing and merchandising of portions ( electronically. of class ) .

NYSE is a well-know auction’s market wherein “the highest command monetary value will be matched by the lowest inquiring price” ( The Tale of Two Exchanges: NYSE and Nasdaq. from web site hypertext transfer protocol: //www. investopedia. com/articles/basics/03/103103. asp ) . Conversely. Nasdaq is more “organic” as a dealer’s market where market shapers buy and sell from each other against their personal stock lists. Last. history makes a large part to each bourse’s public perceptual experience.

Whereas the NYSE is viewed as a more constituted establishment ( founded in 1792 ) . Nasdaq is perceived as high-growth and extremely volatile trading platform and later attracts largely houses from the IT and Telecom industries. Some first-time participants who are cost-driven prefer Nasdaq’s cheaper naming fee every bit good. The instance of former Worldcom CEO Bernard Ebbers created a ripple consequence in the telecommunications industry and badly put its bing signifier. MCI. into a vortex of debt amounting to around $ 35 billion. Even when Verizon purchased MCI for $ 7.

6 billion when the latter filed for bankruptcy. the new executive officers had the dashing undertakings of recovering public trust while at the same flowering more antimonopoly issues and fiscal window dressing perpetrated by the old officeholders. Thousands of occupations were lost ; creditors and investors likewise could non reimburse most of their bets in the company. “…the autumn of WorldCom altered the lucks of a figure of telecommunications industry participants. none more so than AT & A ; T Corporation” ( Romar. Edward J. . Worldcom Case Study Update 2006. ( 2006 ) . from web site hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scu.

edu/ethics/dialogue/candc/cases/worldcom-update. hypertext markup language ) . The death of Worldcom after the dirt affected the full industry. particularly the other precursors that put excessively much trust on the now belly-up company as the beacon of industry criterions. Bloated projections non merely destroyed Worldcom. but it besides damaged financially the rivals who reacted sharply to counter these projections. For illustration. Worldcom’s former providers Nortell and Lucent Technologies took a nosedive via layoffs and below book value portion monetary values because of these overstated figures that were ne’er accomplished anyhow.

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