Physics Online Course Essay

1-How can you show that H2O is denser than ice without weighing them? What is the rule involved?

Release an ice regular hexahedron in H2O ; the ice regular hexahedron will drift. The ice regular hexahedron will displace some H2O as it “pushes” the H2O off. The rule involved is displacement.

2-The denseness of H2O is a maximal at 4°C. Why is this belongings of H2O of import for aquatic life?
The maximal denseness being attained at 4°C agencies that even if the H2O gets colder. the denseness will diminish. Therefore. ice ( when it forms ) floats alternatively of sinks. This makes the continuity of aquatic life during winter possible.

3-When two different stuffs are given the same sum of heat will their temperatures increase by the same sum? Explain with grounds?
No. It depends on the ability of the stuffs to carry on heat.

4-It is by and large observed that it is more hard to cook nutrient at high heights. Explain the possible ground for this?
In higher heights. there is lower force per unit area. This means that H2O will non boil at 100°C. but at a lower temperature. doing your H2O non every bit hot as on sea-level. doing cooking clip longer.

5-What are the variable factors that affect the pitch ( frequence ) of a vibrating twine? How are these factors controlled in a stringed musical instrument such as a fiddle?
The velocity and wavelength of the moving ridges formed by striking an object. A musician controls the frequence through the string’s tenseness and denseness. by pressing some of the strings.

6-If you want to see yourself to the full in a plane mirror. the mirror needs to be merely half your tallness. Pull a beam diagram demoing how this is possible. Explain the diagram and rules you used.

The image in the mirror looks as if the figure is far off. when in fact. it is right in forepart of the mirror. This is because the light received by the oculus traveled in a consecutive line as if it came from behind the mirror. The mirror is besides laterally inverted. intending the figure’s right will look as the mirror image’s left.


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