Physical Science test 3

Three Models of an Atom and who proposed them

Dalton: “Billard Ball”

Thompson: “Plum Pudding”

Rutherford: “Nucleus with orbiting e-”

Quantized Energy
Steps instead of a ramp
Designation letters for subshells
Planck’s Equation
E=hc/(weird h)
How xrays generated
bombard a targer with high energy electrons
Size of a nucleus relative to the size of the atom
The atom is 10^4 times bigger
Symbol Nomenclature
Bottom: atomic, Top: mass
How much radiation remaining after so many half-lives
1-half life: 1/2, 2-half lives: 1/4, 3-half lives 1/8, 4-half lives: 1/16
Uranium Isotope used in weapons
China Syndrome
reactor meltdown
necessary for fusion
100 million k in temperature, plasma, fuel
What can you determine quickly with group 1A elements regarding -e?

1 electron

group #= #of outer electrons

Name of compound formed by 2 nonmetals
The names of groups 1A, 2A, 7A, and 8A
alkali, alkaline earth, halogens, and inhert (noble) gases
Characteristics of Noble Gases
complete outer shells of electrons and single atoms
Formation of ionic compounds and the octet rule
electons are tranferred and help to complete outer shells (8 electrons)
formation of an ionic compound regarding total charge
neutrally charged
Characteristics of covalent bonds
They are either good or poor conductors
How to calculate the maximum number of electrons at any quantum level
Borh atom wavelengths
what heats up in a microwave oven
oil and water
the mechanism essential to produce a laser
stimulated photo relation
what force keeps nuclei from breaking apart
Isotope commonly used for “dating objects”
what is needed for fission to occur
fuel, fissional material, critical mass
How does fusion occur
combining smaller nuclei to make larger release of energy
what types of radiation are more penetrating
what are the periods and groups on the periodic chart

periods: row

groups: columns

what determines an elements chemical properties
outer electrons
Covalent Compound
formed by two nonmetals
Characteristics of groups 1A, 2A, 7A, 8A
7A is most reactive, 8A is least reactive
Covalent bonding
sharing electrons
Ionic Bonding
transferring electrons
covalent bond, 105 degree angle, memorize lewis structure
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