Physical Science – Chapter 11 "Motion"

the change in position of an object when compared to a frame of reference

frame of reference
usually a stationary object, needed to describe motion

the length of a path between two points

SI unit for distance

a quantity that has both magnitude (amount) and direction

_ in the same direction are added, _ in opposite directions are subtracted

resultant vector
the sum of 2 or more vectors

the ratio of distance an object moves compared to the time elapsed

instantaneous speed
speed at any given moment

average speed
total distance divided by total time (V=d/t)

constant speed
speed that does not vary over time

distance-time graph
the slope of a line on this type of graph is speed

the speed and the direction an object is moving, a change in this can occur from a change in speed, direction, or both

the rate of change in the velocity of an object, a vector

negative acceleration

formula for acceleration
a=(Vf – Vi) / t

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