Physical Geography

This mountain range is found in southern Europe and served as a protective barrier to Ancient Rome.
This is the largest river (by volume of water) in the world and it runs through the northern regions of South America.
This is a climate that has insufficient rainfall to support trees or woody plants.
Atlantic Ocean
This is the ocean found on the east coast of the United States and the west coast of some European and African countries.
This term refers to a pointed, small land mass that sticks out into a body of water.
This refers to weather and atmospheric conditions measured over a long period of time.
This term refers to a region that receives less than 10 inches of precipitation annually
Dry Farming
This new agricultural technique came about in the late 19th century and allowed Great Plains farming to take place with very little water.
Fertile Crescent
This is the name given to the rich agricultural land in the ancient Middle East, from the Tigris and Euphrates westward to the Mediterranean Sea.
Great Lakes
These are located on the border of the United States and Canada between the states of Michigan and New York.
Great Migration
This was the large movement of African Americans from the Southern U.S. to the Northern U.S. in the early-20th century.
This term represents the amount of water vapor that is found in the air, and is represented by a percentage.
This term refers to a piece of land that is completely surrounded by water.
Marine West Coast
This climate has warm (not hot) summers, cool (not cold) winters, and receives a healthy amount of annual precipitation.
Mediterranean Climate
This is a type of subtropical climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, cool winters.
This is the term for an extensive, sprawling metropolitan area, resulting in a seemingly continuous urban environment for hundreds of miles.
This is the term given to a very large urban area and is usually a political, social, and economic center of the state or region.
This is the movement of people within a country or political unit, resulting in a change of personal residence.
This term refers to a large, steep hill, usually of great height.
This is the longest river in Africa and was the cradle of the ancient Egyptian kingdoms.
Pacific Ocean
This body of water stretches from North and South America westward to Australia and the eastern coast of Asia.
This is a piece of land that is bordered on three sides by water.
This was a name for the tribes of Native Americans who were migratory and lived in the Midwest of the United States until the late 1800s.
This is a large elevated area of mostly level land.
All the individuals of a species that live together in one place at the same time
Population Density
This term refers to the number of people per unit area (usually a kilometer or a mile). This could refer to the number of people per square mile in a city, a county, a province, a state, or a nation.
Population Growth
This term refers to the change in the number of people living in a city, county, state, province, or nation. An increase is a positive change, while a decrease is a negative change.
Population Pyramid
This type of graph consists of two back-to-back bar graphs which compare the number of males and females in a particular population.
This geographic term refers to the area near or around a place or a region.
This is a major water source that flow directly into a sea or ocean.
Rocky Mountains
This is the mountain range found on the western side of North America. It extends from northern British Columbia to New Mexico.
This is a climate found in northern North America, Europe, & Asia, with generally cold temperatures, evergreen trees, and the Taiga biome.
Subsistence Agriculture
This is a situation in which farmers grow only enough food to support themselves and their families.
This is the name given to a climate region found in North America, northern Europe, and Northern Russia in which there is limited vegetation and the soil is permanently frozen.

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