Physical Assessment Gonzalez

Cranial Nerve I


  • Test ability to identify familiar aromatic odors
  • Anosmia: loss of sense of smell or inability to discriminate odors

Cranial Nerve II

Optic Nerve

  • Test vision with Snellen chart
  • Testing visual acuity and fields

Cranial Nerve III


  • Raise eyelids, extraocular movements
  • Pupillary constriction, change lens shape

Cranial Nerve IV


  • Downward, inward eye movements

Cranial Nerve VI


  • Lateral eye movements

Cranial Nerve V


  • Muslce tone and sensation
  • Inspect face for atrophy or tremors
  • Palpate jaw bone for tone and strength
  • Test for pain and sensation
  • Test corneal reflex

Cranial Nerve VII


  • Facial expressions and taste
  • Secretion of saliva and tears

Cranial Nerve VIII


  • Hearing and balance
  • Compare bone and air conduction
  • Test for sound lateralization
  • Vestibular function: Romberg test

Cranial Nerve IX


  • Taste and swallowing
  • Gag reflex — test gag reflex and swallowing
  • Secretion of salivary glands

Cranial Nerve X


  • Swallowing speech
  • Secretion of digestive enzymes and peristalsis
  • Carotid reflex
  • Involuntary action of heart, lungs, digestive tract
  • Inspect palate and uvula for symmetry
  • Inspect for swallow difficulty
  • Evaluate speech sounds

Cranial Nerve XI

Spinal Accessory

  • Motor and muscle strength
  • Test trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscle strength

Cranial Nerve XII


  • Motor and tongue strength
  • Inspect tongue for symmetry/tremors/atrophy
  • Test tongue movement
  • Test tongue strength
  • Evaluate lingual speech sounds

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