Physcial and Chemical Patterns Within the Periodic Table

Who created the first periodic Table and what did he use
Greegor Mendeleev and he arranged elements according to increasing atomic weight
Who created the 2nd periodic table and how did he arrnaged the elements
Henry Mosley and he arranged elements according to increasing atomic number
Atomic radii is the largest  where on the periodic table

Bottom left

atomic radii increases from top to boottom

atomic radii decreases from left to right

Electronegativity is highest where
Top right
What is ionization energy and where is it the highest

is the energy required to completely remove an electron from a gaseous atom or ion


Highest on the top right (where the atomic radii is the smallest)

What is electronegativity
a measure of an atoms attraction on electrons in a chemical bond
Nonmetal with nonmetal is what type of bond
Nonmental with metal is what type of bond
Where are the mettaliods located
Column (family) 13, 14, 15
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