Phonebloks: A New Trend in E-Commerce

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According to the EMIR Capering retail Sales Index, the online retail market was up by 20 per cent year- on-year in September in 201 3, and up 13 per cent in the previous month – the eighties growth seen in the Index’s 13 year history. This record was driven by the increasing use of mobile devices, especially smartened. Smartened sales went up 1 50 per cent year-on-year, and accounted for 23 per cent of all mobile sales during September In 2013, compared to 15 per cent last month. Annual mobile commerce defined as the value of goods and services purchased while using smartness and 2011, according to an marketer report.

This year (2013), sales made on mobile devices are expected to increase by more than 56 percent. Totaling about $38. 8 billion. The Trend of Shopping on Mobile Devices From above mentioned statistic and estimation, it is no doubt that innovation in smartened field is surely going to be an essential requirement of society in general and e-commerce in particular. As a result, the boom of using smartened directly encourages manufacturers creation for this devolved; and It Is one of the most important reasons explaining for the Idea of Phenomenon.

Idea of Phenomenon – Motivation and Objects The initiative of Phenomenon firstly comes from Dutch designer, named Dave Weakens, with his suggestion about a kind of smart phone that is made of blobs or modules ND can be easily replaced by anything, depending on users’ taste. Its motivation springs from the fact a phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it’s often Just one part that killed it, we throw everything away because it’s almost impossible to repair or upgrade. Dave Weakens thinks the way people currently buy electronics is inherently wasteful.

As soon as a new device comes out, the old one Is tossed in the garbage or put on the shelf to collect dust. However, he wants to change that with a Leakage device In which parts of the phone, not the entire device. A new mobile phone concept that would give users a chance to choose from a range of components, and replace or upgrade them when necessary, has generated enormous Interest online. The Idea targets at two mall objects, including reduction in global electronic waste (e-waste) by allowing broken or when customers are able to customize their phone.

II. Body Background introduction Phenomenon proposes a solution to the wasteful smartened upgrade process and the landfills of discarded phones our habits create. Each phone component, from the processor, wireless chip, flash storage to the battery, is a self-contained unit that can e unplugged from the main board and swapped out for something new. The idea is not very complicated to imagine, simply like a Logo game. Logo bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings, and even working robots.

Dave Hawkins’s thought is making smartened as Logo-like phone. Introduce the innovations and real applications According to the above said concept, Phenomenon is made of detachable blobs connected to the base which locks everything together into a solid phone. These blobs would each contain one of the major components of a smartened such as the Amerada, battery, screen, and processor. All of the blobs are connected to a base (a main board), and the base connects everything together. Electrical signal is transferred through the pins; next two small crews lock everything in place.

As a result, you can easily replace components of your phone if it is getting old or having something broken rather than replacing the entire device, buying a new phone or throwing it away. For instance, your phone gets a little bit slowly; you can Just upgrade the blob affecting the speed; if a part is broken, you can easily replace with the new one, or update with the latest version. Another great application of Phenomenon is that you can customize your phone as your hobby. Phenomenon is built on a open platform where you can choose the blobs you want, support the brand you like, or even develop you own blobs.

If you have a phone, and you do everything in the cloud, why not replace your storage blob for a bigger battery blob? If you like taking pictures, Just upgrade your camera. The most interesting thing is you have your own phone instead of depending on manufacturer’s intention when you are able to use many bands of product in one phone. For instance, you like the phone as or c; you just buy the new processor module from Apple and a cool new colored case without spending a lot of money to purchase a totally new phone. If you like having beautiful pictures like Alumina systole, Just buy a 41 -megalith camera and slap it onto the board.

All users have to do is constantly pry modules off, replace them and switch them around, the choice is yours. Impact on the e-commerce and society Many people agree that Phenomenon is really “The Future of Smartness”. This concept also has huge potential for future upgrades. Previously we had application store for software, now with Phenomenon, we can develop an application store for reward. In the store you buy your blobs, read reviews and sell old blobs. Small and big companies develop and sell their blobs. You can buy a pre-assembled phone or assemble it yourself by selecting the brands you want to support.

If the idea of Phenomenon becomes real, it will bring a great change in e-commerce because smartened are increasingly being applied more and more in this field, and online retail industry is only an example. Mobile shopping – particularly on tablet and smartened devices?is having an outsize impact on the commerce world, for instance contributing to an increasing share of US retail commerce sales and Marketer. Increased spending comes as smartness and tablets have become commonplace devices for shopping and buying online. In 2013, 79. Million US consumers, amounting to 51% of digital buyers, will purchase online using a mobile device. By 2017, 77. 1% of digital buyers in the US will use a mobile device to make at least one online purchase. Tablet and smartened users have the greater presence among digital buyers. Having these device almost guarantees that the person uses it for commerce. By 2017, 78% of US users will make purchases via them. Furthermore, 69. 6% of digital buyers in the US will be tablet buyers, while 49. % will be smartened buyers. Undoubtedly, some moocher sales merely replaced purchases that would have otherwise occurred online via PC or laptop.

But mobile is an commerce sales driver in two ways: It gives consumers reasons to shift spending from stores to the internet, and it stimulates incremental purchases that stem from impulse buying. Smartness and tablets promote commerce by extending the shopping day and unfettering consumers from the desktop or the store. Marketer forms its estimates of moocher sales, as well as its projections for the number of mobile shoppers ND buyers, based on the analysis of estimates from other research firms, estimated mobile sales data from lead retailers, and weighing overall consumer shopping trends.

Marketer’s outlook for mobile commerce remains robust, however, with higher growth rates predicted for later in the forecast period. With the fact and market overview as above, it is sure that successfully developing Phenomenon will have great impacts on e-commerce when it certainly changes our shopping way more conveniently, quickly and modernly in the future. Furthermore, the success in smartened field will motivate similar innovation in other sectors. It not only saves source, labor force and capital for social production but also improves people quality life and contributes in protecting environment.

Initial achievements Although Phenomenon has been in the public eye for a month now, the concept “Phone worth keeping” continues to spread all over the world. Weakens was aiming for 500 people to sign up to his Thunderclap, but the Phenomenon video went viral, gaining seven million views in three days. He has now amassed 950,000 Thunderclap supporters and Phenomenon video will ping across social networks 375 million times. Exactly 979,372 supporters Joined forces and showed the world there is a need for a hone worth keeping!

Their first goal already reached, and they want to take the next step to develop it. Ill. Conclusion Problems Some people think that Phenomenon is not going to happen because designing a motherboard where components can be pinned anywhere would be incredibly hard, and though not entirely impossible, it would make the components bulky and expensive. Another problem involves keeping up with the speed of technical advances and standards. It is nearly impossible to guarantee today’s components will work smoothly with tomorrows technology without possibly ruining the pace of innovation of future technologies.

Forecast for future trend thanks to keeping up with all the new researches, hopefully new technologies will be developed to solve these problems in the future. Also Phenomenon is based on a open platform, so many companies can work together to create the best phone in the world, for a phone worth keeping. The good news for the initiative is Motorola, which has been developing phones for over 40 years and actually made the first mobile phone and was recently bought by Google, is so interested in this concept. Their innovation team has been working in-house on a modular phone concept, called

Project Era with the idea of producing a Modular Smartened hardware platform like Phenomenon. With Project Era, Motorola wants to create a free, open hardware platform made up of modules. The thought behind modular design, is that you can “lower barriers to entry, increase the pace of innovation, and substantially compress development timeliness. ” From a consumer standpoint, modular design would let you decide what your phone does, change how it looks, how much it costs, and how long you’ll want to keep it. To sum up, Dave Weakens has created one of the most revolutionary concepts of the 21st century, known as Phenomenon.

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