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This does not always happen however and financial issues begin at 18 and continue on for years. There are 40 year olds ho are not as careful about their spending as some 18 year olds are. Disallowing young adults the ability to gain credit through credit cards based solely on their age is not only bad for the credit card business but it is a disservice to all young adults that were taught financial responsibility. On February 22, 201 0, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, also known as the Credit CARD Act, went into effect.

This provision made it so that anyone under the age of had higher barriers for approval, outlawed freebies and allowed for far fewer preferences offers. This made it more difficult for careless young dad Its to get credit cards because hopefully, knowing they are not responsible will limit co signers and allow more financially responsible young adults to get credit cards and build their credit. Personal experience tells me that I had absolutely no idea about credit or how it worked, so financial education is something Wish I would have learned earlier in life.

If children are taught financial responsibility then there will be a greater chance of them being more responsible with their spending as adults. Credit card companies shouldn’t be allowed to judge based on age at all. That would be discrimination, they should, in fact, judge a persons credit worthiness based on income and ability to pay debts. The provisions made which made it harder for young adults to gain credit card access was a step, in my opinion, in the right direction.

Having a co signer for a length of time to show they are responsible enough should be enough to earn credit card access solely for themselves. 2. The bible can’t be relevant to today’s problems; it was written many centuries ago and is filled with archaic phrasing Even though the bible was written centuries ago and is written with archaic phrases, many translations eave been made to a more easily read transcription and to the millions of people who read the bible daily, it is an instruction manual on how to live a good life.

The Bible has much to tell us about how we live our daily lives. For instance, how we love our spouse, raise our children. If we applied what we read in the Bible, our lives would definitely change-?for the better. The Bible is a book found in almost every household in America. If you spend a night in a motel you’ll find one tucked inside a drawer. To those who read the bible, it’s messages are indeed extremely relevant in today’s world. 3. The antiabortionists say that the fetus is human, but they have not proved it. Therefore, they have no reasonable basis for opposing abortion.

Abortion is such a highly controversial topic because no one can say exactly when life begins. Some could say that life begins the moment the sperm enters the egg, even though it is undetectable which would mean there would be no one would/could orally support abortion. There are those that say life begins at birth, some say it is in the 1 12th week of pregnancy, everyone has an opinion but factually speaking there is little evidence for most assumptions. However, t is said that when there is a potential for life, it becomes life.

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