PHED Body Composition

How many excess calories are stored to make one pound of body fat?
One pound of body fat equals 3500 Calories.
the BEST guide for ideal body weight?
Body density is the best measure because density refers to how tightly packed is your body. The more tightly packed (higher density, the more muscle to fat you possess.
Which of the following is generally considered the best method to measure percent body fat?
Height-Weight Charts
Skinfold Calipers
Underwater Weighing
Underwater weighing is considered most accurate of the list. Skinfold measurements by a trained expert would be considered second most accurate.
Fat weighs more than muscle.
A person can have too LITTLE body fat.
Body fat is essential to the body’s functions. Too little body fat is a result of starvation and could cause death in the short run. Too much body fat could cause disease and/or death in the long run.
Which is the most important criterion of a successful weight loss program?
fat loss
fluid weight loss
muscle wieght loss
total body weight loss
Body fat decrease is the most important weight loss goal.
A person who floats easily in water has more body fat.
Sinkers are more dense or have more muscle. Floaters carry more body fat.
Which of the following is likely to elevate metabolism?
Fat mass
None of the above
Exercise elevates metabolism because it causes the muscle cells to adapt to burn fuel more efficiently.
Explain how losing 10 pounds in one week is detrimental to weight management.
Our body will only burn about 2-3 pounds of body fat per week when we do everything right. The remainder of weight comes from lean body mass. When we lose lean body mass (muscle), metabolism is lowered. We are then burning less calories in 24 hours than we used to, and therefore, tend to put the weight back on and then some. Each time we roller coaster diet, the bodies metabolism is lowered. The key to weight management is elevation of metabolic rate and that is accomplished through exercise.
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