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This group project was the outcome of a Joint effort by myself, Natalie Throne, Chris Stone and Grace Gleeson. Ronald Canon Taft is recognized as one of the most socially and economically deprived areas in the I-J. The past 30 years as seen a marked decline in the employment prospects of all age groups along with a parallel deterioration of the social fabric. Our curriculum development project was an attempt to address such Issues through delivering family type learning In relevant topics.

Results of the study showed that is a need for services of this kind and we ere even offered the opportunity to put the project in place. Feasibility A commonly held perception of Ronald Canon Taft is that it is characterized by high rates of unemployment, Illicit drug use, prescription of psychotherapeutic drugs, crime and educational under attainment. Of the 165,000 residents In ARC aged 16-74, 67,000 have no qualifications and of the 400,000 unemployed, 60,000 have never worked. 40,000 of those people live within Ronald Canon Taft.

A significant proportion of young offenders suffer from some sort of psychological/emotional disorder and a recent study by Assistances et al, 2006 indicated that 1 in 5 have a earning disability. Even more worrying was the suggestion that young offenders within the community have far more Issues than those In secure care and are far less likely to get their needs met. There is a growing consensus amongst mental health professionals that a potent relationship exists between mental health needs and criminality and mental health diversion programmer have been shown to be effective in reducing recidivism (Cellular, Microseconds & Wassermann, 2006).

The pattern of need for children taken into care is even more stark with physical, developmental ND mental health needs being as high as 87% and with more than half of these children suffering from wow or more problems. Most theorists attribute the Issues mentioned above to ineffective solicitation, physical or sexual abuse and parental drug abuse (Karol, Cahill, Gigglers & Helmsman, 2007). The likelihood of criminality is further increased by poor maternal education, abusive partners and maternal unemployment.

Inadequately supported young people often feel unable to do anything to change their circumstances and do not possess the knowledge to see that their situation is extreme. Many go their whole lives being deprived of positive affection, support and encouragement whilst others embrace alternative, anal authoritarian sub cultures and norms. By the time they reach their teens they are trapped in a world of drugs, alcohol, crime and conflict where the only opportunities for achieving status are through an underworld hierarchy based around toughness and criminal activity.

Although there have been a number of initiatives In recent years to try and combat the problem such as local community groups and people they really need to. Many of the young people of ARC need to be shown that hey can make a positive contribution to their community, that there is hope for them and that with appropriate support that can share the aspirations of young people from more affluent areas of Wales. The objective of Shine is therefore very broad and ambitious. The purpose of Shine is to try to implement a new approach to community based interventions in ARC that dovetails with existing provision.

It is the belief of the people leading the project that in order to make a lasting impression on our communities the values of many young people need to be redirected away from pro criminal, anti social subcultures. It is intended that this would be achieved through facilitating the availability of evidence based psychosocial interventions and improving the knowledge of existing service provision amongst potential service users. We also felt that would help the whole family to ensure lasting results and so through the teaching of essential skills they would become more self sufficient and mentally stable.

Aims To enable local children to reach their full potential To help families function in a healthier, more positive way To remove the stigma within communities of individuals with problems To provide a repressions service for needs such as education, behavior, family conflict, Job and training advice, drug and alcohol dependency Diversion from criminal sub cultures To design an individual action plan with each member that will address their problems and make positive changes throughout their lives The Shine project would be managed by a range of volunteer professionals and would be a voluntary run organization that employs tutors.

The board members consist of mental health, community regeneration and education professionals. There are a number of strands, only one of which concerns us, the education strand, cognitive behavioral trend and the advisory and mentor service. The learning strand was our responsibility completely and this included funding and teaching. For the funding side of things we contacted Communities First and Coalfields Regeneration Trust and received written confirmation that because our project was very much in line with Welsh Assembly targets they would be more than happy to sort out the funding side of things for us.

The venue was also provided by communities first as they are lucky enough to be housed within a training centre that is rarely used. We have access to an CIT suite and a classroom and free use of all available resources with immunities first also raising the finance for the teachers. We will achieve our aims by providing learning activities to young people and their families. The learning will include personal development, parenting skills and vocational training.

The group dynamics of this particular project, I felt were excellent. After drawing up an initial plan and delegating the tasks we met on a weekly basis to discuss progress and we discovered that each of us had our own unique skills that were very much complimentary of the others. Natalie is highly experienced at document presentation ND took responsibility for the typing up and presenting of everyone’s end results whilst Grace did all of the research for the mental health side of things.

Both did a structure for us and gave us a foundation to work from that made things far more easier and organized and we were very grateful for this. L, myself focused on the feasibility research and the funding and logistics of the reality of the project. We all came together very well and enjoyed the opportunity to work together. I did initially worry that I may attempt to take over unknowingly but I realized that my own skills ere not so far reaching as to be good at everything, which was an eye opener.

I hadn’t expected to be able to work well in a group and surprised even myself.

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