Peyton Manning – essay

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the most successful and best performing quarterbacks of all time. He holds numerous records and has led the Indianapolis Colts develop into a successful franchise. This enormous task is all the more evidence that Peyton Manning has established himself as a prominent cultural icon in America and represents his country and the influence it has on individuals.
Peyton is the epitome of an elite quarterback and carries these traits over to his role as a cultural leader of America. Manning is extremely analytical. So analytical that he is considered obsessive with the different styles and formations of opposing teams. This is also a strong example of his dedication to the well-being of his team. Americans have also shown the ridiculous compulsion with their enemies whether it be across seas or in a local battle. Americans use this obsession to drive their success which is undoubtedly an attribute of Peyton Manning as well.
The success was nearly born directly to Manning. His father, Archie Manning, was also a successful professional quarterback. Archie passed football down in the family with his three sons all playing excellent football and two of which became professional quarterbacks. The Manning dynasty was formed by their following of the family footsteps and by the incredible growth in popularity for the sport. Peyton was simply following the steps that his father laid before him, but Archie could not have done it alone. Peyton is a splitting image of the American football player that all people wished to see become the greatest. Americans are pushing for a star that is smart, dedicated, athletic, and respectable. Peyton fills the role with extravagance. Peyton Manning was brought to be the fantastic football player that he is today by the guidance of his father and, more importantly, the beckoning of the American culture.
Manning has not only followed the calling of America but he has helped shape it himself. The game of…