Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Around six years ago a natural gas drilling company bought some reporter rights off of my grandfather to get the go-ahead to drill on certain parts of our property. This was the first time I was exposed to what the natural gas industries could do and had much potential, and from that point on I knew what wanted to attend college for, PONGEE. There are different types of petroleum and natural gas engineers such as Petroleum Geologist, Production Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, and Drilling Engineers.

Petroleum Geologist are a little bit different than the other engineers, hence they are a geologists. The Petroleum Geologists are the rocker who find the hydrocarbon compound which is the main component in petroleum and natural gas. They find the compound by analyzing geological and structural features in the land. The Petroleum Geologists then transfer it over to the Drilling Engineers, who bring about the drilling and manage the technical aspects of the production of the drilling.

However obviously the Drilling Engineers do not do the actually drilling, alongside of them is a team of scientists and drilling contractors that help in the actual production and drilling of the oil. After the Drilling Engineers and the team Enid them actually start producing the oil then reservoirs can be made for the oil, which is where the Reservoir Engineers come into play. The Reservoir Engineers are worker whose main job is to optimize the production of the oil and gas using the PR technique which stands for Placement, Production, and Recovery.

Using advanced computer program simulators these engineers can use their skills to find the best way to expand and increase the production levels of oil and gas. There are also engineers who are the overall Production Engineers, who work alongside the Reservoir Engineers to help with the sand intro in the soil, artificial lift, and the downhill flow control along with the technologies that go down the hole to monitor production. To be PONGEE takes a lot of responsibility.

There are many responsibilities such as analyzing data, working together as a team with different types of scientist, geologists, and contractors. The main idea behind drilling and taking time to learn and obtain a degree in PONGEE is to maximize production at all times. If productions are maximized more jobs are made, if there are more jobs, there is more drilling getting done, if there is more drilling getting done, hen that means more income which is the one of the main reasons why an engineer is there.

This skill often takes time and many rigorous courses that have to be taken in college. Many classes in calculus, physics, chemistry, engineering, and other drilling/structural classes have to be taken. However, it is worth it if a student has the desire, smarts, and hard work to complete college with a Bachelor’s degree not only in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering but in any Engineering courses. The salaries of engineers with a bachelor’s degree no matter what department will be making good money hen they graduate.

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