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It is possible to collate almost any information and trove facts as scarce as “who died on December 1, 1909”. I can understand your concerns; plagiarism is common amongst teenagers. They feel that copying an essay from a coursework bank Is acceptable. There are, however, more practical solutions that Just turning rejecting the Internet all together. K-9 Is a powerful, free, easy-to-configure, web-tool. It filters and blocks any undesired material, inhibiting the student’s abilities to gain access to these remote websites.

I understand that you have certain anxieties about allowing internet access to pupils, but the intrinsic benefit of the Internet will have a greater impact on the student’s academia than you could possibly imagine. Many students, particularly the lazy ones, disregard the Internet value. They are unaware of Its sheer power. Treating it as a dainty for socializing. Allowing internet access in school, will allow you to nurture their research skills, hence allow them to prosper in the wider-world. I am sure you are wondering why I am so passionate for my cause.

The internet provides information for almost every topic Imaginable. Furthermore, web-forums, such as “Yahoo! Answers”, will allow students to enhance their knowledge by posing questions to a community of learned people. The rapid and eager responses are then scored by other members. Answers that provide a positive and useful response will be marked positively, whereas those that don’t will be marked negatively. Students will, therefore, be able to use their initiative to decide which answers they will listen to.

Subject teachers will then have the ability to give credence to notions mentioned on the Internet, enhancing the academic capacity of their students. Apart from web-forums, websites such as “BBC-Bites”, “Wisped” and “Simple Wisped” will give the students access to an assortment of information, that they may not be exposed to, or expose themselves to, at home. They will be able to develop their knowledge in subjects that interest them and will have the ability to revise using productive revision-questions, notes and plans.

Students could nurture their knowledge by watching videos on their topic of interest. They could watch documentaries and collate a wide-variety of information that would not only enhance their perception of the world, but that would allow and encourage them to carry out further research. The internet, however, is not only useful for academia; it is also useful for enhancing the student social awareness’s. Websites such as “Backbone” open up a wide-social network. Many students, however, lack the understanding of the posing dangers.

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