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Girls are prone to being stereotyped by people as fragile delicate people but this doesn’t mean they do not have feelings. They will feel as if they are weaker and unable to keep up with all the boys. Being a girl, I think gender equality should be put into PE lessons not actual mainstream sports, yet.

Some sports are hard for a girl to find a girl’s team to play on, like ice hockey for example. A girl shouldn’t have to travel hours or pay a large fee to play a sport they enjoy when it is offered nearby. If a girl is able to keep up, and she has the skills necessary, she should be allowed to play. Sometimes playing on a boy’s team is the only way to find competition on level with the girl’s skills as well, and if the girl ever wishes to play at a higher level (collegiate for example) then why take that chance away?

Think about it this way: you go to see a play or a dance that you have wanted to see and there is a boy in it. Big deal! (Not really) back in the Shakespearean age, girls weren’t allowed to act, now that’s almost all that acts!! So…Absolutely, girls should be allowed to play on boys teams.

I think we should be equal. Females feel the need to prove themselves as capable and equal to males. Boys and girls tend to play harder to prove strength and ability, and a girl who proves she can perform as well as boys will gain confidence in her ability. Girls who are particularly gifted in athletic ability can build talents and physical capabilities by playing sports with strong male players.

Face the fact that girls can compete in boy’s sports. While I agree that many boys are heavier and more athletic than most girls, other girls are suffering from not being able to compete with boys. Most popular sports teams are men’s teams, and while the majority says otherwise, many girls are just as able to win as boys. In recent studies, boy’s teams and girl’s played against each other in basketball. The results? About a 50/50 scoring. Maybe those boys were weaker than most, but in my opinion, it’s a fact that if a girl wants to be as good at sports as a guy, she can get there.

The United States Military recently decided to let women be in combat roles alongside men. If women can serve and die alongside men for our country, shouldn’t they be allowed to simply play sports alongside men? There shouldn’t be any restrictions on what you are allowed to do just because you are a female.

Girls can play sports just like boys. Even if the game is dangerous you don’t know what the outcome or the possibility of the team winning with a girl. Girls can use their skills and win games just like boys can.

If people are getting upset because girls want to play football, why isn’t anyone saying anything about guys on the cheerleading squads. But, I’m all for it on both sides. I don’t think it’s fair that guys can be on a cheer squad if girls can play football. Also, you shouldn’t tear apart their dreams of a girl wanting to become a football player, or a boy wanting to be with the cheerleaders.

Girls are just as capable of playing sports as guys. And who says they’re boys’ sports? Girls have always been underestimated by guys, and I think (If girls got the chance to show what they’re capable of) they can prove otherwise. We have the right to be treated equally in our society, so why not just do that?..

By splitting the genders it’s basically saying girls are not as good as boys and if anyone to not be able to play a sport it should be boys there whole time they been one this plant it’s gone the way they wanted it to go back then girls couldn’t vote or go to school so haven’t they punished us enough also why are there so many bad names foe girls and not men can somebody tell me why it seems like its the men’s turn to go through this pain

if someone says they can’t it’s very unfair to them. They have the same right to do they want to do, even though a girl’s physical fitness may not as good as a boy’s. If girls work hard, I think they can be better than before.
Some sports like basketball, swimming, running, boxing and tennis have many excellent female athletes, but people don’t know or only focus on males’ goals.
I think sport, regardless of race and gender, is created for anyone, not only for male or female.
Please forget about what sport is suited for men or women; choose the sport you like and do your best at it.

By the time kids get to middle school, the difference between the ELITE male athletes and the ELITE female athletes is very pronounced. This is even more true once they get to high school.

I refer to the difference between them in strength, quickness and size.

YES, three reasons why.

1: Girls aren’t just about manicures and shopping! There is no problem having girls play.
2: Girls should show the guys they are as tough as they are if not they’re tougher.
3: They should be treated fairly though, no unfair treatment, they cannot complain about being tackled or being hit in football. Girls and guys are the same, they should be treated equally.

Anyone in high school (or who’s already been through high school) just needs to think about the best male and the best female athletes at their school, to see that this is true.

There are very good reasons why girls are not put out there on a high school or college football field and asked to compete with the guys. I know there have been some instances of girls doing very well as place kickers, but that’s a different story. As a defender, you’re not ALLOWED to run into a kicker, which is why girls are sometimes allowed to play that position, and often do very well.

And the higher up you go, the greater the difference between the elite male and the elite female athletes. The worst player in the NBA would be the MVP of the WNBA (if he went all out lol .. actually, he wouldn’t even need to go all out in order to physically dominate the women’s league)

As far as the woman earlier who said she’s just as good as her husband is in football… I’ll take her at her word, I have no reason to doubt it…but that says more about her husband’s football ability than it does about her own. Was there ever a time when she thought she could compete in the NFL? Exactly my point.

And before anyone thinks this, no, that’s not meant to insult her or her husband… if her husband is truly a very good football player, then it’s possible he’s “easing up” when he plays in a game with her (or against her).

People just need to accept the fact that males and females are not exactly the same. They just aren’t. Some people have a hard time accepting that, but it’s true.

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