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This only shows that in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs may also vary differently in the difference organization. Understanding the need with in the organization is important, like what the employees really need in order for them to boost up their energy in providing effective and efficient service for the company. US Federal Government and its Current Strategic Plans

As based from the US Office of Personnel Management, Federal employees actually have the right enjoyment towards their work with the many benefits that they are currently having like they are given the enough leadership and even career growth training, Insurance and Health benefits and even ahs given them even better vacation leaves. But this are also considered the basic benefits that should be seen in most companies as mandated by the law.

Currently the US Office of Personnel Management has already established and put into the public announcement that their strategic plan for 2006 – 2010 is to ensure that Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce. And this mission has these four main key areas in order to achieve it: (1) Providing human capital advice and leadership for the President of the United States and Federal Agencies, (2) Delivering Human Resource Policies, products and services, (3) Ensuring compliance with merit systems principles and protection from prohibited personnel practices, lastly (4) Holding agencies accountable for their human capital practices.

Among the four main key areas of attention that the US Office of Personnel Management has enlisted, it is the third one that would satisfy the need of this research paper and that is providing and ensuring compliance with merit system principles and protection from prohibited personnel practices. This is one thing that it was already considered and that is why it is also part of the government initiative. But the question is that, is these strategy has its counterpart legal government policy which will help it strongly be followed.

Secondly does it have the detailed guidelines as to how it will be done by the Federal Agencies to have a smooth implementation of the strategy? Currently, that was the most important document that we can find in the US circulation document that shows that there are really better initiatives that are seen by the government to improve the work standard and appreciation of its employee. But just as the same as for most privately own companies, these are “too good to be true” because there are a lot of companies that just write strategies and does not provide a detailed guideline as to how it can be accomplished.

So, how can this strategy be accomplished? That is the question. The US Office for Personnel Management did not provide a concrete guideline as to how it will be implemented, in short it will create some confusion as well as doubt for Agencies in the Federal Offices. That is why most executives are always criticize as only looking at the views as only “high level” but linking it to a better and more effective way of presenting it in detailed, it becomes a failure. For Federal Agency staff, it would only be the usual scenario, and this must be changed and eventually be eliminated.

This also be the start of dissatisfaction for them, since most people in the company has been providing all their best effort in performing their job not only for the company they are serving but most especially for the people they loved and that is their “family” and that is why for many organization, wondering why the company performance is failing on its tracks, is not primarily brought out by economic news and development, or security in the local business as well as international concern, or even oil price hike, or the most common findings by very immature thinking managers, poor customer satisfaction, which may be true.

But the point is what is the root cause, it is not about the product or its named, but it is more what is happening inside the company and that is satisfying the needs of the staffs.

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