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People know him as the eighth wonder of the world. He is the most illustrious swimmer that mankind will ever come to know. If there is one thing about this extraordinary athlete that any person will tell you, it’s that he is changing the face of swimming as we know it. Michael Phelps, 23, is without a doubt the most impressive athlete I have ever seen compete. He eats, sleeps, and breathes the sport of competitive swimming. He is such a “world wonder” both in and out of the water.

If I weren’t mistaken, I would call Phelps a modern day “fish out of water. ” Phelps is such a genetic misfit that he could be used as a living, breathing science experiment gone haywire. With a wingspan of 79 inches, you would swear he was six foot, seven inches, but take a measuring tape and you would come to find he is only six foot, four inches. Not to mention, he also has the legs of a six foot man and a long, lean torso that of a six foot, eight inch man.

Combine all that with his double jointed ankles, knees, and elbows and his dinner plate size hands and size

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14 feet. It’s no wonder he has such drive and strength to overcome all the odds in the water. If one thing is for sure, Phelps freak of a body won’t be the only thing going down in the record books for him. In August, millions of people watched poolside or by television set as Phelps set a “golden standard. ” He won eight gold medals and that an unheard of accomplishment. But that is not the only record he currently holds.

As you can probably already tell, Phelps has a thing for breaking records in the water and age has nothing to do with it. At the age of only 15, he broke his first world record in the 200 meter butterfly and ever since then, breaking records seems to be an undertaking of his. Water seems to present not type of challenge for this super being. Phelps is a living freak of nature but not one person is fussing about it. With his uncanny genetics and amazing dedication and talent, he is viewed as a modern day hero, kind of like Superman.

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