Personality- Nostalgia (Exam 2)

Traditional definition
suffering caused by longing to return home
-Swiss soldiers were diagnosed w/ nostalgia after being away at war for a while
longing for home during period of absence from it
Current nostalgia definition
sentimental longing for past
-warmth, childhood, longing
Nostalgic Narrative characteristics
1. People take central roles (narrator is protagonist)
2. Involves interaction with important others and momentous life events
3. Mixture of happiness and loss (greater emphasis on pleasure than pain)
4. Redemptive Quality
Redemptive Sequence
starts out negative/neutral, but becomes more positive
(opposite of contamination sequence)
-Negative Affect (when in a negative mood)
Most common smell for nostalgia
pumpkin pie
Most common noise for nostalgia
Christmas music
How nostalgia is manipulated
1. Visual imagery task/event reflection writing prompt
2. Music (esp. Christmas)
3. Nostalgia-theme media
4. Advertisements
Benefits of nostalgia
Nostalgia marketing
-makes people feel good, increase positivity towards the product
-makes people optimistic about the job market and spend more $
Vicarious Nostalgia
about event/time period person did not directly experience themselves
ex. parents’ nostalgia
Historical Nostalgia
emotional connection to a time period, romanticizing
Nostalgia transcends..
culture, age, gender
Who is more prone to nostalgia
people in negative states (depressed, lonely, stressed, pain)

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