Personal Values And Ethical Standards

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Important factors exist in the field of substance abuse, they don’t only include staying sober but also how to vive a totally different lifestyle from before and why that is so very important. It is very important in this process for the client population to not live in the past because there is so much pain, to focus on what ahead. The personal values that I have tried to instill in my life I try to pass it along to the clients to see everyday life values taught and carried down as a child growing up. Demonstrating for my clients how my values and ethics has made me who I have become in spite of the past. Hat I am today in despite of the past. Values I have learned to value in my personal life that has meaning to the person I am. For example: I was taught to always to be a lady at all times is respectable and look up to my elders. The childhood was fun growing up with family and close friends through my life. The values and morals with principles which, clients do not have because of their behavior that brought them to recovery. Teaching values to clients to set standards while in treatment lets me know if recovery is serious to the client. Clients need to have strong work ethics as well.

This means to have ethics and able to set the standards in the way I work and using good ideals and good Judgment in a positive manner of working. Even, when I am not in the best of health or believing I will try to do my best when concerning to my work ethics. What really made me to start shaping my values more in to perspective was being able to think outside the box and take a good look at what my values are important to me as an individual. What I observed from the recovery home for women at the Hill Shelter in here in Los Angels area. This situation was not out of my comfort zone because I can relate to these circumstances.

I to use to live in a shelter with my daughter trying to start over in bring back the values that were in still in me. These memories and events that take me back along ways are still fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. The criteria and decision-making factor that I use today to revise can be necessary working as a professional in human services. This is about ones reasoning power and how we follow our gut feelings and intuition in stressful situations while working on the Job. It recaps steps that should be followed as a checking point for managers and other professionals.

It teaches us to look at situations in ethical well thought out manners by following policy and procedures. In ethical decision making it is important for us to following the known checkpoints to insure that we have gathered all necessary information. There are many factors that influence ethical decision making. The five levels of ethical thinking are intuition, rules and codes, principles and theories, personal values and beliefs and taking action. When focusing on making ethical decisions in difficult situations, by using specific steps of evaluation of the dilemma that occur on with me on the Job.

When group is in session we are engage in personal feels what space a client is in and how we work problems out without having to use drugs or alcohol to fix our problems. On this particular day group was in session and one of the clients came in late and started focusing on the clinician in what she was saying and the client disagreed in the subject and became very irritated and began to cuss at the clinician and disrupted the whole class and everyone became out of focus and I was put on the spot.

My first reaction was to tell her “pitch” sit your behind down but I knew I could not say that so I stop and got my thoughts together and looked at her and said to the client could you please have a seat and talk about what is wrong ND how the clinician and client could resolve the matter in a professional manner and they did. I as clinician works with her on people skills which she have none and always being so offensive when someone said something. Clients feel that when others are talking about them but that is not so this is call insecurities within the client.

So to work with this client using ethical decisions in this difficult situation using specific steps to evaluation the whole situation so that this would not happened again using ethical thinking which including the first reaction to the situation, we sight say, “l am not sure about this or does not feel right”. When using rules and codes these are resources that help us with thinking. They do not tell us as professionals what to do, but they do provide guidelines and can sometimes help when there is a conflict with the clinician and client with the rules.

When it comes down to the personal values and beliefs is working with the client in using our ability to show the client how to think logical and in a positive manner. Showing the client as well that values play a big part in how we make our decision making when working with our clients. Before we make a decision and decide that there is a dilemma then the professional way would be time to start taking steps and action. When we are in a situation where a decision needs to be made, many times our biggest problem is internally.

It can involve a colleague, client, supervisor, or management. In making stressful decisions we must consider that the conflict could be within us and our views and those of others. We find that to in decision making boundaries in the professional field indicates who is responsible and who handles what this means that gather the information can be very important when making a session and conveying of the information and how it is received is crucial. Not everyone will see that the situation as ethical solution.

As professionals we must make decisions based on boundaries, information and complexity and goals. Our decision making abilities will depend greatly on our understanding of people and our cultural differences. As many of our values are different it is important to make ethical decisions keeping our cultural differences in mind. The reason an ethic program is needed in an organization is to adhere and have directions and goals for personal use as individuals to in taking shape in our own personal lives.

When, concerning with organization and to society we need to have long-term-goals when comes to the welfare of ethics. We must have some type of measure when it comes to ethics concerns to keep individuals, organizations, and society in the right perspective that will lead them in the right directions with positive goals. What is needed for an organization to have values that come with mistakes or misconduct is faced on everyday Jobs. Concerns with ethics sometimes we must take the value in risking developing a clear and understanding why we need ethics as part of our everyday lives and on the Job.

Making sure that we develop a clear understanding in communicating with the organization and individuals Jobs can operate as smoothly as possible. Finally, we must refine the individual, organization, and society, and their management so that the ethics laws can continue to adhere by all. We as professionals have ethical responsibilities to ourselves and to the clients that are being treated in the best possible way and find effectiveness way in helping our clients to become healthy and productive in society.

Ethical Standards that are in the following general principles should be used as deadlines for professionals in certain ethic matters in the working field. The first one is the use of psychological tests in the courtroom. Psychologist has been dealing with the psychological testing for a long time. The psychologist must be able to support his/her opinions and findings when testifying as a professional and as expert that they are qualify to ensure that their findings are supported in a psychologist testing in a courtroom.

Psychological testing will not have positive results in some cases testifying in the courtroom. Polygraph (“lie detector”) this is used in the changes in physiological meaning the hanging in your body functions such as your heart rate, blood pressure etc. The police department, FBI, CIA which use the lie detectors in federal, state government agencies to prove if a person is telling the truth or lying and lie detector are not creditable in a court of law.

Boundaries of Competence will only practice in the boundaries of competence which is based on the educational training meaning have the experience being supervised by a professional credentials and show that the person has professional experience in the counseling field. These clinicians will demonstrate that they are commitment o the Job in helping clients in a professional way and to show skills in working with all cultural in a diversity population. Integrity has to do with the standards of ethics to up hold a set of values and standards in the professional field.

Making clear decisions and in using general principles and to maintain well balance in the professional field in ethics. In the professional field you try to stay within the boundaries of the code of ethics ensuring that decisions are fair to all staff. Sexual Harassment can be classified as being unethical in the professional field. Is making a person feel uncomfortable inappropriate or an unwelcome treatment dealing with male or female in the work place? Not talking in the appropriate manner to a certain gender being negative towards that person.

Human differences have to do with the diverse in multiculturalism in the professional field. When in the counseling field a clinician will demonstrate certain sensitivity in being respectful for the human differences no matter of, color, race, values, beliefs etc. Counselors are trained in this type of field to make sure that all cultures are treated respect. The legal definition of insanity is a continued impetuosity of the thought in being craziness and having brain damage, delusion, deranged having a mental disease that effects the brain that does not function in a normal captivity.

Having a mental sickness that has you not thinking rational not knowing the difference between right and wrong. In decision making we must decide what are ethics and values in order to make the right choices for strategic leaders and decision makers. We must know the values that are important or value by that person. Values can mean a numbers of principles n a persons’ life but we choose what is mainly important that will stand out ethical in making the best choices when it comes down to the right one.

There are many ethical decisions making and knowing are the professionals going to make the right decisions. Can we say for sure that all decisions will be positive and the answer is no. We must remind ourselves of the principles that are used in the ethical thinking with our first reaction to a situation we might say, “l am not sure about this, or it does not feel right. So then we think about rules and codes which are resources that help us with our thinking using principles and theory. Which does not tell us what to do, but they do provide guidelines and can help sometimes.

In our personal values and beliefs, this is Just for us. Our ability to think logical, but our values play a big role in our decision making. Logic alone is not enough. After exploring all possible options where a decision needs to be made, many times our biggest problem is internally. Our decision making abilities will depend greatly on our understanding of people and our cultural differences. As many of our values are different it is important to make ethical decisions keeping our cultural differences in mind.

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