Personal Stress Management

nonspecific response of the body to any demands made upon it.
Anything that causes stress; specific or nonspecific.
Categories of Stress
Distant and Chronic
Distant Stressors
Traumatic experiences that occurred a long time ago such as child abuse.
Positive stress which stimulates a person to function properly.
Negative stress that may result in iilness
Chronic stressors
on-going demands caused by life-changing circumstances, such as a permanent disability following an accident. Caregiving to another.
General Adaptation Syndrome
Strive to maintain or restore homeostasis by means of adaptive response.
3 distinct stages
Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion
Body responds with changes that temporarily lowers resistance
Stressors continues, the body mobilizes internal resources to try and sustain homeostasis
Stress continues long enough the body cannot keep normally functioning.
Cognitive-Transactional Model
Stress is a relationship between demands and the power to deal with them without unreasonable or destructive costs: Richard Lazarus.
Diathesis Stress Model
Particular stressors have different effects on different people because vary in their vulnerabilities or predisposition.
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Mostly found in military vets. having nightmares/memories of a traumatic experience
thriving through adveristy; life changing experience
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