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Since I was a chain smoker, I intended to adopt a plan for stopping my chain smoking habit. There were several reasons that led to this decision; the habit had to a great part affected my life and health, which were deteriorating; I had the loss of stamina and other related illnesses which were making my life difficult. Moreover, I was afflicted with hypertension, and my susceptibility to related cardiovascular disease was enhanced.

Since I enrolled into this program, my awareness of the short and long-term effects of a smoking habit on the body have been enhanced. Susceptibility to heart attacks is heightened relative non-smokers not to talk of risks of cancer and other related complications. After coming to knowledge of the risks I was subjecting myself to through my smoking habit, I made a decision to stop smoking.

The first step involved the reasons that led to the adoption of the habit, after which I developed a plan to deal with the issue. I identified the situations which led to a desire for smoking, the company that led to the desire and times leadng to the desire. I then made a decision to avoid situations that would result to the desire or find an alternative. I requested my friends to avoid smoking by explaining to them that I was quitting. Over time, I cut down on my consumption of cigarettes through reflecting on the consequences of smoking on my body.

I made a resolution to quit the habit within a month by dividing the month into levels of one week with each week representing a milestone achieved. During the first week, I was to stop smoking in public places, which milestone I was to achieve by the 10th of June 2011. By the end of week two, I was to quit smoking at home, which milestone was to be attained by 17th June 2011. By the end of week three, I was to stop smoking at least two hours prior to bedtime and avoid smoking immediately after waking up, which milestone was to be achieved by 24th June 2011. By the end of week four, I was to quit smoking in social company, which milestone was to be achieved by 1st July 2011. By the end of week five, I was to quit smoking completely by 6th July 2011. I set up aa mechanism of self-motivation by getting myself small gifts like a mobile phone, a night out and, if I finally succeeded in quitting, a laptop.

While I was not successful in completely stopping the habit, I was able to reduce the level of smoking considerably. I can now boast that I do not chain smoke, and I have considerably cut down on the number of cigarettes I smoke a day. I believe the reason for my failure to completely stop the habit was that I set unrealistic goals and very short time period for the process. I also did not employ alternative forms of leisure such as chewing gum or nicotine.

Going forward, I will adopt a strategy that assigns more time for every level while adding more levels while also getting help from an expert.

The change was particularly difficult given that this is a habit developed over a long period of time, and which I was trying to change in a period of a month. I also lacked the necessary determination to see through my objectives, and I believe I should have more determination next time if I am to be successful.

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