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Many people in this world work really hard but they don’t seem to feel happy. You can see around that most of rich people often don’t think they have more than enough. Their mind can be the major reason of the problem, because sometime when people don’t feel like they’re satisfied enough, they will find a way how to make them happy. But some of them you normally found we’re not went to the right way. They always confuse what are they going to do to get what they want.

A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven’t spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and they haven’t set a formal goal for themselves. This might be their big rock in their life or could be the big rock for our life as well. Goal setting is a set of powerful thinking tools that would drives your life smooth and structured to live on. The process of goal setting help you write the well-done achievements in your story-life. Without the goal setting, some people will get “squeezed” without having preparation.

By knowing smartly what you want to get and achieved , you will not waste you efforts and you know where you have to concentrate it to. By the time you prepare a good plan for your goal settings, you will also quickly spot the distraction that can, so easily , make you down. Victory loves preparation. Because it is so important for every single person to set a goal, the first thing that would help you really well is to imagine then set or create the big picture about what are you going to achieve in your worthy life, give your goal an estimated time to make it done .

After you draw the big picture about what you wanted to achieve in this life, than you can break this into a parts that you must hit to reach your goal in your lifetime. Once you have a good plan to do, you will start working to achieve this plan. For example, if you have a financial goal, you will normally thinking how much do you want to earn for your life, how to get more income and save more money to be rich and wealthy people another example you can learn is family goal setting, you are going to be a parent soon, by the time you have children to raise, how are you going to be a good parent?

How do you want to be seen in front of your big family from the both side, are you going to be a bright future person? Or you can choose to earn a small money if do feel enough for your family. To get a promised future you will need to set a SMART goal, a goal which can lead you to world you wanted to be. The major benefits of Goal Setting are: • Make you responsible for your own success or failure • Serve as a guide in making decision • Make you aware of your own strengths Forces you to set priorities, to helping you not getting closer in distracting things • Define real life actions and separate it from just belief in in miracle • Give you a sense of your past efforts when you achieved it and you will get motivated • Improved your self-image • Deciding what you want to achieve in your life • Building your self-confidence, based on successful achievement of goals Keep the process working by regularly reviewing and updating, don’t forget to make To-Do List, just in case if you forgot the smaller worthy things To-Do.

Once you have set your lifetime goal to achieve, start from the smaller things first like creating To-Do List by breaking apart the big goals into small parts. Make it all done by the specific time so you don’t feel rush to reach your goal , you’ll complete your work easily and organized by a specific time and don’t waste your efforts, and probably left you some more time because you finish the work even earlier and you can use your spare-time to finish another work.

A useful way of making goals most powerful is to use the SMART Goals, because SMART goals could be easily achieved if they are: • S – Specific ( or Significant) M – Measurable ( or Meaningful) • A – Attainable ( or Action Oriented) • R – Relevant (or Rewarding) • T – Time-Bound (or Trackable ) For me, the first time I’m doing this goal setting it doesn’t work. When I figure it out I found that I’m not that organized to do some work. I used to stay up late until morning just to finish my task, sometime I forgot I have a class at the day after. I was really rushing at that time. I was planning to do things without having To-Do list. Unfortunately when it comes to the due date, I was working overtime and sometimes ruined my other work.

But now I wouldn’t feel that again hopefully, I was writing what I wanted to achieve part by part for my work, now I never have problem with rushing my work anymore, one by one I could finish the assessment well enough to give it to my supervisor, its really good to have everything structured, your head will not feel sick about thinking to much that you shouldn’t have to think about. You will feel more disciplinary and responsibility, those will help some people achieve their goal .

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