Personal Computer and Different Remote Servers

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What types of threats do smartness face? Based from the article I read, one of the threats being faced by smartness is being hacked without the knowledge of users. Also, all of the personal and corporate data stored on the device could be sent through different remote servers, which are threats for smartness. Additionally, another threat of smartness is the user’s information may be taken without one’s permission especially the banking information. 2. Are there any particular vulnerabilities to this type of device?

One of the flaws to this type of device Is security, because even though Apple and Google try to enhance their security, they could not avoid hacks and mallards among their APS. Since APS are software being used In smartness, there could be many possibilities that this would be an avenue for hackers to place mallards to attack the users. To support my aforementioned statement, based from the article it was said that “APS are one avenue for security breaches. ” believe that smartness would be much vulnerable when it comes to security. 3. What did Nicolas Serious “Saxophone” prove?

Nicolas Series built an application for ISO users called “Saxophone” which was capable of tracking users and all their activities, then, sending this data to different servers without the user (people) knowledge. The “Saxophone” app proved that even smartness are capable of being hacked and be Inflicted with malicious software for as long as one Is connected to the Internet. 4. Are APS more or less likely to be subject to threats than traditional PC software programs? As of now, I believe that APS are more likely to be subject to threats than traditional

PC software in the long run. It is because, today, people are diverting from the personal computer platform to the cellular platform. One can pay his or her bills through mobile devices or tablets. Another, one can book a flight using his or her mobile devices. Moreover, business transactions could be made through smartness. Basically, having a smartened Is Like having a personal computer at hand since they have the similar capableness somehow.

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