Periodic Table Review B



family name for group 17






family name for group 18



noble gases




group that forms +2 ions



group 2




group that forms -2 ions



group 16



noble gas configuration for Cr



[Ar] 3d54s1



noble gas configuration for Cu



[Ar] 3d104s1



four orbital types and

maximum number of electrons each

can hold



s = 2, p= 6, d= 10, f= 14




alkali earth metal found in bones and teeth







electrons that are lost, gained, or shared in chemical bonding




valence electrons



element that does not fit in

any group on the Periodic Table







first member of Noble gas family that

contains an octet






Lewis dot structure for elements in

Group 14







most stable family of elements



Noble gases




halogen used in bleach







alkali metal formed from

radioactive decay of uranium






four methods used to represent

electron arrangement

orbital notation


electron configuration notation


Noble gas configuration


Lewis dot



atoms having full s and p orbital in the

valence shell would

contain _____ valence electrons





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