Periodic Table Mnemonics

1- a tie soaked in water with electrodes touching it, electrolyzing the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.

1.008 Morgan Farlie wearing a tie, faking an orgasm

2- Noah inhaling a balloon
4.003- Fred Flinstone kicking noah in the head with trinity’s stop motion kick
3- Mom talking to aunt Doris’s husband lea
6.94- Mom is shopping (shopper
4- KangaROO burying Liam Neson (Rob Roy) in a hole
9.01 -covering him with paste
5- Borat gets arrested, taken to police station
10.81 Morgan is eating Borat’s brains (Hannibal) while he is alive.
6- Shoe made of diamond
12.01 Antonio Banderas slips his foot into the diamond shoe and takes of like new.
5- Key being put into a Nitrous booster and turned.
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