Periodic table

Question Answer
Used with lead batteries, and fireproofing. Antimony
Non-reactive gas; part of the atmosphere, used in welding. Argon
Famous poison and vermin exterminator. Arsenic
Light metal. Beryllium
Ingredient used in some cleaning products. Boron
Smelly; Used in photography, medicines, and insectides. Bromine
Shiny metal used to protect other metals-bumpers, faucets, etc. Chromium
Ingredient in blue paint and ceramic glazes. Cobalt
A gas and the most reactive element. Fluorine
Non-reactive gas, used in flash photography and fluorescent lighting. Krypton
Metal used in some medications to treat emotional disorders. Lithium
Light metal used in airplanes and flares. Magnesium
Used in the creation of iron metal. Manganese
Gas used in signs. Neon
Most dense substance on earth; found in meteorites; non-corosive alloys. Osmium
Expensive metal used in jewelery, and fine electronics. Platinum
Very poisonous,and used as a reactor fuel,and in nuclear weapons. Plutonium
Glows in the dark, but causes cancer. Radium
Radioactive gas formed from radium; air pollution problem. Radon
Metal used in light bulb filaments. Tungsten
Gas used in lasers,stroboscopic lamps; is in the atmosphere. Xenon

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