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To order to remain competitive Bartier Perry needs to utilise the internet in a way that brings the customer into a closer relationship; thus maintaining their client focussed approach. A mix needs to be determined that creates a solid technological platform from which their professional service can be leveraged. Management are aware of the need to build an e-commerce strategy and are prepared to implement a recommended plan with the proviso that performance can be measured. Introduction

In operation since 1947, Bartier Perry has built itself to be a leading boutique law firm narrowing its areas of legal focus to ensure it remains highly competitive. The firm is committed to delivering a high level client focussed product with “their finger on the pulse ready to assist with changes”. Evolving from a traditional lawyer’s club culture of long lunches and high overheads the company has adopted a flatter management structure removing the high cost entities and pouring resources into building a high quality product.

Until the introduction of the current general manager six years ago, IT infrastructure was neglected and viewed as a costly expense with the little return on investment. Today implementation of practice management software has allowed closer control on WIP (work in progress), billing targets, budgets and performance monitoring. Specific functions of the business such as Marketing are now able to measure their performance and make change accordingly.

Competing in an industry that is know to shy away from technology it is only now law firms are feeling the pressure to develop an e-commerce element into their overall business strategy. Clients are demanding closer control on matters and up to date reports so they can manage their cost levels and establish performance targets. A large portion of Bartier Perry’s clientele is made up of insurance companies who have already started to stress in tenders the need for an online interface which provides them with access to the progress of each file.

This report looks at how an e-business platform can be built to carry Bartier Perry forward in their business environment; it is broken down into the following sections. Section one involves an Analysis of the facts which gives a concise overview of the firms history, objectives, financial information, competitors and distribution channels. The next section Alternate Courses of Action suggests four possible directions Bartier Perry could take to begin developing an e-commerce solution to meet the rising demand.

The next section looks at selecting an alternative and justifying the reasons to do so. The Action Plan section details a set of steps that need to be deployed in order for the project to be implemented. The Expected Ramifications section looks at possible pitfalls or problems that may arise during and post implementation. The next section Follow-Up and Evaluation will look closely at the methods that can be used to measure the performance of the implemented solution.

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