Group 1 cations

always soluable 


no exceptions

Ammonium ion (NH4)

Always Soluable


No exceptions

Cl, Br, I (halides)

Soluable compounds


-except when Ag, Hg2 and Pb are present

Nitrate (NO3)

Always Soluable


No exceptions

Perclorate (ClO4)

Always Soluable


No Exceptions

Acetate (CH3CO2)


Always Soluable


No exceptions

Sulfate (SO4)



Except when Sr, Ba, Hg2, or Pb are present

Carbonate (CO3)



Except when Group A1 is present or Ammonium (NH4) is present

Sulfide (S2)



Except when Group A1, NH4, Ca, Sr, or Ba is present

Phosphate (PO4)



Except when group A1 or NH4 is present

Hydroxide (OH)



Exept when group A1, NH4, Ca, Sr, or Ba is present

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