Perception of Intelligence

The myth about the first three years of a child life is to teach them as much as you can because their little brain is absolving all the information at this stage. They say you are programming a child at this young age. The saying is if you read to a child that’s inside your stomach your child will love to read. Talking to a child while giving eye-to-eye contact, teaching a child fine and gross motor skills as well.

The brain and early childhood literature suggests that the first three years of life is the critical erred for brain development. It’s a time when the young brain’s learning power is almost limitless. As Hillary Clinton describes it, “The computer comes with so much memory capacity that for the first three years it can store more information than an army of humans could possibly input. By the end of three or four years, however, the pace of learning slows. The computer will continue to accept new information, but at a decreasing rate….

But it is clear that by the time most children begin preschool, the architecture of the brain has essentially been constructed. From that time until adolescence, the brain remains a relatively eager learner with occasional growth spurts,’ but it will never again attain the incredible pace of learning that occurs in the first few years (anytime. Com/books/first/b/Bauer-myth). I do agree with the fact that if you read with a child or even if you start developing the brain from the beginning then you will have a great start of achieving with your child to be in the early stage of fife.

One of my favorite things to start an infant off with is that making them feel comfortable and building the trust issues with them which means loving on them, talking to them, reading, singing, and building the relationship they need as a little person in this world. The impact that building a relationship has on an infant to age three will be a success in their eyes. When you have the ability to show this child that they can trust you and you are there to keep them safe is a big appreciation to ourselves and that child.

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