atomos (invisible)
view prevailed for 2000 years–hyle-continuous matter
Sir Isaac Newton/Robert Boyle
beleived atomic theory
John Dalton
studied other’s work; law of definite proportions; law of multiple proportions
William Crooks
gases have electrical discharges
J.J. Thomson
figured out Crooks’ experiments and discovered electrons laid groundwork for protons Had plum pudding model
Robert Millikan
oil drop to measure change on electrons
Ernest Rutherford
radioactive decay and absolute dating gold foil, space between atoms alpha decay
Henry Becquerel
accidently discovered radioactivity
Madame Marie Curie/Pierre Curie
Tried every known element for radioactivity. Radium and polonum. He died she drove X-ray truck for military. Uranium ore
Niels Bohr
worked with Rutherford w/Einstein and Mat Plank’s work explained spectrum and each element emits a set of wavelength if energy that can be measured Atoms are stable states radiation occured during transition slow electrons=more fission than other
Henry Moseley
finalized periodic table by atomic # not mass
Letter to FDR and use graphite
Enrico Fermi
Beta decay
Francis Aston
introduced mass spectograph to discover isotopes found 212 of 287 naturally occuring. critical work for nuclear theory
Otto Hahn
Meitner research partner left her off award recieved with her research fission
Fritz Strassmann
Lise Meitner
actually figured out fission got credit before she escaped to holland
Otto Frisch
Lise Meitner’s nephew helped with fission
Frederic and Irene Joliot-Curie
produced artificial elements by bombarding Boron with alpha particles
Julius Oppenheimer
in charge of Las Alamos
Glen Seaborg
Elements after U atomic
uclear comissions
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