Pearl Harbor 1

When was the attack of Pearl Harbor?
The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Honolulu by air on December 7, 1941 at 7:55 am

Why did the Japanese want to attack Pearl Harbor?
Hawaii is a very important, strategic location because it controls the Pacific Ocean and if the Japanese could take out the US naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, it would be easier to get oil from the Indis

What was Japan’s economy like in the 1920?
In the 1920s, unemployment was high in Japan and the were on the edge of depression

What was Japan’s population like and was their health good?
Japan’s population was going up and the farming production was constant, they were struggling with illnesses

What were the customs like in Japan?
In Japan, new customs from the west and old traditions clashed which led Japan to ruins

Who governed Japan?
The Chinese governed Japan

How did Japan become a world power?
Japan defeated the Chinese and became a united country

What was the outcome of the Military taking over control of Japan?
The Japanese military made very bad choices causing deaths

What did the Japanese beleive in?
Japanese believe in Shinto and Budism

What was the emperor thought of as in Japan?
The emperor was higher than a president and thought of as a god

What was the main religion/beleif of Japan?
Japan became a Shinto country

What did Japan set its sight on?
Japan set its sight on expansion

What did America think of Europe and world wide affairs, and why did they think this?
Americans did not care much about Europe or the other part of the world, the US were avoiding world wide affairs because they were rebuilding from the depression and WW1

What did the Japanese government think of the army?
The government understands that the army is so powerful that they don’t care what the government says

The League of Nations was angry at Japan for breaking war policies
Japan left the League of Nations

Chinese and Japanese at war
5000 Chinese troops died in one day from an attack of the Japanese

Japanese aircraft attacked an American vessel
Americans want to get their people out of the country of China and Japan

Japanese put Chinese civilians in torture camps
Japanese soldiers murdered over 200,000 Chinese civilians, and raped the civilians in the streets of all ages

FDR tells CEOs of companys to stop giving goods to Japan
Japan wants to conquer land to get petroleum so their economy does not crash

Japan lost 40
40,000 men against the Soviet in only about a month, Russia is winning war over Japanese

Germans crushed allied armies in France
Germans crushed allied armies in France

Japanese wait until Allied Powers get in war in Europe
before they attack the British West Indis because if they attack, all of the West Indis allies will get in war

Germany and Japan and Italy sign

fell to Germany

In America they were conflicted it was
isolation vs action

Japan and Soviet sign
non aggresion act

America had first army draft during peace
America was poorly equipt

FDR promises not to send American troops to war
FDR was reelected

FDR cuts off supply of
scrap metal, petroleum and steel to Japan

Japan tries to discuss the sanctions with US through

Japan was also preparing
for war with the US

350 planes from Japan were on

Japan needs oil in Indis to get oil so they want to
disable American battleships in Pearl Harbor

Japan proposed that America would continue trade with Japan and stop supporting China with supplies
but America did not agree

America thought that Japan would attack somewhere else because
Americans thought that Japan would attack an easier location to conquer and most of America’s battleships and weapons were in Pearl Harbor

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