Peace and War Essay

It was a fantastic period in human history. Peace existed through the big mass of geographic district that many people of different civilizations inhabited. It was the summer and the battalion of the population of these assorted neighbouring states enjoyed the prosperity they were blessed with. Then. a clip moved forward… It was a tragic and atrocious manner to decease: drowning in one’s ain blood because holes have been burned in the lungs due to the corrosive inhaled bluess that the case shots exploded. This was the unfortunate consequence of chemical and gas arms. Could at that place be a worse manner to decease?

Yes: starvation on the battleground as evidenced by gaunt cadavers littering the landscape. This was the world of World War One. Europe was a beautiful topographic point in the early twentieth century and the impression of war was the furthest thing from anyone’s head. That is. it was far removed from people’s ideas until a concatenation of events occurred that launched the monolithic desolation of The Great War. Possibly those people in Europe merely deluded themselves into believing war as impossible. After all. the history of Europe ( and many parts of the remainder of the universe ) is one that chronicles war after war after war.

The ability to populate without war is merely a Utopian phantasy that is non based in world. In grounds of this. all one demands to make is look at the entireness of history. Throughout history. 1000s of wars have been fought. Some have been justifiable Acts of the Apostless of ego defence. others have been aggressive Acts of the Apostless of imperialism. and others have been merely been prodigious mistakes in judgement that had tragic effects. Regardless of the grounds for the oncoming of war. the fact remains that wars occurred and will go on to happen throughout human history. Peace and War Page 2

In world. there will ever be aggressive actions every bit long as states seek international and domestic ends that may be at odds with other states ; cultural differences exist between societies that lead to tensenesss ; imperial enlargements and aggressions become a nation’s criterion policy ; absolutisms that are non accountable to their population continue to boom ; and human nature continues to incarnate Darwin’s theoretical account of “survival of the fittest. ” This does non intend that human existences are bloody-minded and crave force and the subjection of others. What it means is that states seek self-preservation.

In order to keep this self-preservation ( whether it is a baronial end or an imperial 1 ) . states will necessitate military buildups in order to discourage intervention or menaces to their international and domestic involvements. When such menaces are perceived action will be taken. Of class. such action normally invites revenge and the consequence is frequently full scale war. While we wish such a state of affairs were evitable. it has occurred so frequently in history that it was become. for deficiency of a better word. “standard runing procedure” on the portion of certain universe powers and they are non traveling to alter this policy any clip shortly.

In other words. for war to be eliminated from the landscape of human being. so human nature itself must alter. For all serious considerations. human nature is non traveling to alter on such a expansive graduated table that war actions become disused. Again. such a construct is utopianism non based in matter-of-fact. practical world ; but. instead. a complete neglect for the consistent actions of human existences since scriptural times. As such. war will ne’er vanish and will stay portion of the human landscape everlastingly more.

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