PE Nutrition and Weight Management

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is
the rate at which the body burns calories at rest
Your body’s preferred source of energy is
Which of the following is not one of the six basic nutrients?
1) carbohydrates

2) proteins

3) fats

4) ***FIBER***

Your body uses carbohydrates by breaking them down into
sugars (glucose)
About what percentage of your daily calories should come from fat?
According to the USDA’s MyPlate what should account for half of your plate at meals?
vegetables and fruits
This type of carbohydrate cannot be digested, therefore helps move waste through the digestive system:
Good cholesterol (HDL) can be increased in the body by
aerobic exercise
The building block to protein is called
amino acids
All of the following are good examples of “complete proteins” except
1) meats

2) eggs

3) dairy

4) ***NUTS***

What percentage of your daily calories should come from protein?
All of the following are roles of protein except:
1) building block of cells

2) creates hemoglobin in red blood cells that transports oxygen to body’s cells


4) repairs muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Which of the following minerals is of concern in the American diet with it’s role with high blood pressure?
Which of the following vitamins can be manufactured by the body after exposing the body to the sun?
vitamin D
A safe, reasonable rate of weight loss is
1-2 pounds per week
All of the following are healthy ways to gain weight except:
1) choose higher calorie, nutrient dense food such as lean cuts of meat or nuts

2) be physical active to ensure the extra calories go towards muscle and not fat

3) ***eat whatever you want as often as you want***

4) eat nutrious snacks packed with protein

If someone wants to lose weight all of the following are healthy tips except:
1) control portion sizes at meals

2) fill your plate with nutrient dense, high fiber foods such as green leafy vegetables and whole grains

3) drink plenty of water instead of sodas

4) ***take a diet pill***

The best way to increase your metabolism as you get older is to eat less.
Weighing too much can increase your chances for all the following except:
1) ***anemia (condition in which the blood cannot carry enough oxygen to the body)***

2) type 2 diabetes

3) heart disease

4) hypertension (high blood pressure)

Body Mass Index and body composition help you judge whether your weight is healthy.
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