PCA Ingredients Vocabulary

Lactic Acid

AHA found natually in Milk & sugars – breaks down bonds between cells to allow easier exfoliation of surface cells, hydrates skin, inhibits skin discoloration



Active compound in Chamomile, anit-imflammatory

**Most potent topical for inflammation



Can be found in wheat germ, sycamore leaves, bark of chestnut tree & comfrey root

Inhibits growh of certain strains of bacteria and soothes

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
Anti-bacterial, oftening, soothing, cuts inflammation due to UV exposure
AHA precursor, strong anti-inflammatory, recudes acne lesions, moisturizing, barrier-strengthening properties, scavanges free-radicals, protecting skin from UV
Kojic Acid
Anti-bacterial melanogenesis hihibitor, chelates copper away from tyrosinase, decreases # of melanosomes & dendrites, reduces hyperpigmentation
Flaking agent & Keratolytic – Low Concentration: Antiseptic & anti-itch agent

Form of B Vitamin, Niacin (B3) – Reduces Rosacea & Breakouts, Increases ceramide & fatty acid levels=hydration

Reduces water loss better than petrolatum

Pumpkin Wine
fermented enzymatically predigested whole pumpkin, producing benefits of pumpkin (?)
Sodium Hyluronate

Sodium Salt of hylauronic acid, lubricating qualities, Holds 1000x its weight in water

cell protection, hydration, lubrication, structural integrity of tissues


Lightening existing or preventing further hyperpigmentation,

wheyat, berries, coffee, tea – inhibits binding of copper to tyrosinase & induces melanocyte-specific cytotoxicity

Azelaic Acid

Melanogenesis inhibitor supresses tyrosinase production & kills malfunctioning melanocytes without injuring healthy tissue

Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial – normalizes keratinization in skin

Epidermal Growth Factor
Agents used topically to stimulate healthy cell proliferation
A phytoalexin from red grape skins (antioxidant), excellent in controlling inflammation (acute/chronic), acts as an MMPi by preventing cox production, key enzyme in inflammation response
essential part of natural moisture factor in human skin, responsible for re-hydration of stratum corneum & increases ability to retain moisture

Blend of red & brown algae, encourages micro-capillary hyperpermeability & dilation, reduces redness & inflammation


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