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These instances while altruistic in tauter give the author a pleasant feeling, which she utilizes as not only a way to improve her own outlook, but also as a lesson she uses to teach lessons to her children (Noun, 2011). Giving of one’s self whether it is through cooking for others, buying food for people, service work, or simply opening a door feeds the soul. Roles of Personal and Professional Social Responsibility and Codependency Altruism is something that requires unselfish behavior on the part of the individual.

While this is the ideal, it is not the fact for people in either their professional or personal lives. Some would argue that people have a social responsibility to give to their fellow man, while others are all about power and personal gain. There are Instances of pure altruism In professional works; such stateless as pro bono surgeries or lawyers taking such cases. Others may argue that people In public service are altruistic, but If they are paid for the job they do, is their work truly altruistic? One such profession that this author believes is largely altruistic in nature is teaching.

While some argue that teachers are salaried employees, many give of themselves daily in extra activities, teems for their classes, and so on that they give to their students because they are giving back to society and the future of which ever country is they live in. Many teachers also watch out for children and catch issues with them even before parents do. This is an excellent example of an individual exhibiting personal and professional social responsibility; teachers, good teachers, benefit society at large with their actions.

There are those Individuals though who are altruistic for the wrong reasons. This Is the case with codependency. Such Individuals have low self-esteem due to Issues wealth relationships they develop which leads them to give constantly to another or even perhaps a group out of guilt perhaps or because they cannot find happiness or meaning within him or herself. While this can still be considered service unto others it is not necessarily true altruism. Ideally one should feel good about who he or she is as a person and want to share that goodness with others.

Altruism and the Human Condition The human condition refers to what it means to be human; humanity. People experience life as only a person can, Just as animals experience life as their species is intended to. Altruism should be an aspect that all people feel, or rather learn as part of the experience of being human. This is sadly not the case in all situations. Take for instance the many cases of terrorism that face the world today; these people simply hurt others.

Religion Is one way in which people learn to do service unto others; this Is where the author of this essay learned the Joy of Glenn to other Individuals with no requirement for thanks or repayment for such actions. For other people it is role in society, so it is not necessarily altruistic in nature. Service to others is not a requirement of the human experience, but it can be and it should be (Noun, 2011). Personal and Professional Responsibilities Related to Altruism Personal experiences offer the ability to serve others as do professional experiences.

As stated before many teachers offer of their time to their students and families well outside of what they are paid to do. This is the same with many professions and for this author at least it should be that way. Perhaps it is the fact that the author was raised within a religion where no members of the church are paid for the work. The teachers, pastor, priesthood, even the Janitor are unpaid members who donate of their time. These are personal responsibilities the individuals within the faith feel to their fellow members of the church and to their Heavenly Father.

Not all religions are like this though, many pastors are paid for their work for their church, but this does not change that they have a responsibility to teach and be altruistic. What an individual does for a living is often shadowed by their nature. Take for instance attorneys; many people make Jokes about this profession by calling them snakes and so forth. While the author knows of no attorneys who fit such a likeness, she has no doubt that such exist within the profession.

If more attorneys showed altruistic behavior, such as the work of one Erin Broomstick, perhaps those comparisons would not exist. Girl Scout and Cub Scout leaders within communities are unpaid individuals giving of their time to the greater good of children. The same is true for people donating time to big brothers, big sisters programs. These are personal acts of altruism not related at all to the professions people maintain. Many communities rely on the actions of these individuals to assist with problem youth.

The altruistic actions of people on a personal and a professional level are often key components of society and more people need to take up these efforts. The Future of Psychology and Altruism in Contemporary Society In countries across the world, not Just the United States there is a state of economic hardship facing people. With gasoline prices and terrorism at all-time highs it is vitally important for people to connect with one another (Simmons, & Emanuel, 2012). People need to give, to share of themselves in the act of helping others.

Society cannot continue to function without goodness from people. Psychology has an enormous impact on society because it allows people to understand the motivations of not only themselves but that of others. Psychology is based largely on understanding and helping individuals to heal, which is an altruistic thought at its core. Through work in the field of psychology it is possible to understand and reach more people, allowing everyone to have the same opportunities to both receive and to learn to give as well.

Conclusion People are often altruistic in actions. There are those individuals who are not and perhaps that has to do with upbringing, but perhaps it also has to do with personal motivations. Despite the invention of social networking, which is supposed to allow people to remain more connect some might argue that people are more isolated than ever (Castanet, 2013). As society and the field of psychology movies forward it is important that those who are altruistic continue to share of the good works they provide to others.

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