patterns of behaviour

which metal in the reactivity series is hardest to remove from its ore ?
list the reactivity series in the correct order
name six properties of alkalis
have a high pH,,,
often feel soapy,,,
can be corrosive,,,
they neutralise acids to make salts,,
they are soluble bases,,,
are usually oxides, hydroxides or carbonates,,,
name eight propoties of acids
have a low pH,,,
can kill some cells,,,
can be corrosive,,,
are neutralised by bases,,
they make hydrogen,,,
make carbon dioxide,,,
acid have hydrogen in there names,,,
name the 3 most reactive metals
potassium ,,
sodium ,,
calcium .
complete the sentence …..
metals above ______ in the reactivity series will always react with water to produce hydrogen.
what is the equation for metals reactiong with air ?
metal + oxygen —> metal oxide
what will the out come be with …
iron + copper sulphate —> ??
iron sulphate + copper
what do all these rocks have in comman limestone, chalk, and marble ?
calcium carbonate
potatoes like a pH of around 5.0 – 5.5 what is this an acid or an alkalis ?
complete this sentence …
the _____ the reactivity the less visible the reaction
how would you measure the pH of a unknown liquid ?
using a universal indicator …….

an indicator is a dye which changes colour depending on whether a liquid is an acid or an alkali.

is washing up liquid an acid or an alkaline?
its an alkali
If on the pH scale it goes dark red, is it a strong acid, weak acid,strong alkaline or weak alkaline?
strong acid
What is the equation of for neutralisation?
Acid + base = a salt + water
what is neutralisation?
neutralisation is a displacement reaction
how can you tell if a metal has reacticted with the oxygen in the air by what it looks like and by its name?
in its name it will have oxide ,,,,,, and it will have a dull layer on the surface
what happens if the soil has the wrong pH ?
it can reduce plant growth
what happens if acid rain reacts with calcuim carbonate?
it cause a chemical reaction and it into calcium, salt, water and carbon dioxide
why do we use gold and silver jewellery ?
because they are not very reactive metals
name two metals that react with steam?
can be from magnessium ,,,,,, aluminium ,,,,,,zinc ,,,,,, iron
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