Passive solar building design

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They have 40% recycled content. ;80% of building materials are post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content. Ex: aluminum, flash cement&blocks, glass, ceramic tiles, wood. ;Resources from other site are also used. Ex: broken china mosaic pieces for pillars; salvaged furniture for cafeteria. 90% of the materials are from local sources ;Use of readily renewable materials ex: furniture-seaboard made of baggage’s; false ceiling made of cellulose fiber and cotton; vertical blinds made of woven cotton).

Summary of the green features incorporated : 1. Bio-climatic Architecture 2. Minimize damage during construction (cost efficiency) 3. Occupancy to the natural elements of water flow, air quality, vegetation, and topography. 4. The built form responds to the rocky site. 5. The footprint is kept small, and the arrangement of spaces and the varying levels f the plinth were designed to respect the distinctive boulders. 6. Fenestration maximized on the north orientation 7.

South side sun glare cut down using Argon glass 8. Rain water harvesting 9. Large vegetative open spaces 10. Swales for storm water collection 11. Shaded car park 12. Facility for charging electric automobiles and electric pool car facility for building occupants 13. Site location close to bus and rail lines 14. Open space in the site exceed the local requirements by more than 25% 15. All paved parking & pathways constructed with previous materials

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