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Saturday, December 22 at the Brick Elks Lodge 2152 celebrating the birth of Jesus topped the list of paying homage. Instead of the more popular getting presents and money, the party was payback to the members who volunteer. The party was for Elks children and grandchildren. Food, Entertainment and Santa Clause were available there. The Elks basically help people by donation things such as wheelchairs, canes, and walkers for handicapped kids. They also give food during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last month they even had a party for veterans. All together the Elks are a pretty nice organization of caring people. Bush expected to seek 15 billion more to beef up domestic security Our President George Bush is planning to get 15 billion dollars for his 2003 budget.

This money will account for police officers to baggage screening equipment. It may also include new communication equipment so hospitals can react faster if another terrorist attack were to happen. Congress wanted to spend 20 billion for security in its 2002 plan, they even had it approved. Except approximately half of that money was used before the September 11th attacks. After the state of Union Address to Congress in January the

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president will release his 2003 budget plan. Dress up yogurt without adding fat Yogurts with the labels “nonfat” and “low fat” are all good for you when you want to make some cut backs on what you eat. But you see there are still catches to eating all of these. Yogurt like many other foods doesn’t just contain the fruits posted on the cover. Companies add many chemicals and concoctions used to make the yogurt taste better. This is basically like mixing the fruits and then adding 7 teaspoons of sugar.

Which can double the calories. They also add sweeteners and even artificial coloring. If you have tried nonfat or low fat yogurts then you know how terrible they taste. There is an alternative of course. What you can do is cut up your own fruits and put them in the yogurt to bring some real flavor back. Which will keep it healthy and make it tasty. Many elderly people taking inappropriate medications A study taken by the Healthcare Research and Quality has come to believe that many elders have taken incorrect medications. Approximately 1/5 of 32 million elderly people who live by themselves used 1 of 33 medicines considered dangerous for the older society. And approximately 1 million have taken 1 of 11 prescription medicines thought to be bad for them. Actions will be taken to try to help this situation. Time to tell the truth about Terrorism After the September 11th tragedies President Bush has laid down the law about terrorism in America.

He has also said that states that harbor, train, finance or equip agents of terror will be regarded as hostile regimes. He has warned them and notified them that they are being watched. Many people think that this will not be handled as thoroughly as said. People may even try to fuzz the thought of this plan and give argues to slow it down. These argues are okay but we must realize that such argues made it possible for the September 11 attacks. The people who played a role to the executions of thousands of people absorbed the want to kill people where they lived. Also the influence of writers and intellectuals helped by telling them that murder is okay. Some tech stocks ripe for a rally Networking-equipment companies shares have been at an all time low in a 13 year history. Cisco Systems which is the largest company in networking has fallen by half.

This turned out to be a 140 billion loss. Other corporations have fallen more then 80% due to the lack in orders of their products. Some say that due to this 2002 will be a much better year. 72% of the networking index will end this year as losers. Bard, Walmart push the index Walmart and C. R. Bard did a lot better then many retailers to help the Asbury Park Press/Bloomberg 75 index up 0.6% last week. This index which constitutes of the 75 biggest companies in New Jersey was at 100.90 which was up .61 for the week. C. R. Bard recently had a needle approved for patients who are often sick and need a surgically implanted port. Other companies that have gained are Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Meyers, Squibb Co., and American Home Products. Companies that haven’t been so lucky are Foodarama supermarkets which owns 22 Shoprites, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Fleet Boston Financial Corp. who owns Fleet Banks.

Ensuring safe passage For the Guardsmen that patrol the bridges between New York and Jew Jersey they must come to work heavily armed and ready for anything. They go to work equipped with camouflage suits, 10 pound armored vests, nylon web suspenders, ammunition pouches and a gas mask. Plus flare vests, an M16 and a helmet to let people know what type of business they do. Members from the 112th Field Artillery took up bridge and tunnel watch the past Sunday. They will also take this 12 hour shift during Christmas. After teachers strike, a referendum victory The darkest day for Middletown was having to watch as all the teachers were handcuffed to each other. After 7 days and more then 225 secretaries and teachers thrown in jail a referendum was passed. It gave money to pay for overruns on building projects and Labor relations. Renovations still have to be done to the 3 middle schools and 3 high schools.

This teachers strike has been the largest strike in Newark since the one in 1960. Cancer study yields advances in health science Due to the five and a half year Dover Cancer Investigation there will be many scientific advances in health practices. Juan J. Reges will list several advances that will come as a result of the Dover Study in his presentation on Tuesday. One advance will be with the Massive computer Model that controls the Dover water. This will be the most extensive ever. It will have to have over 16,000 pipes. There will also be toxicity tests to see if results will affect fetus’. McGreevy OK with questions of Mideast Men Governor Jim McGreevy claims that racial profiling will not be tolerated yet at Ramadan services he said he would not oppose the US Department of Justice in questioning 5,000 middle eastern men. McGreevy says Sate and Local police should work with federal authorities.

Although at the Islamic Center of Central Jersey he didn’t touch on the subject until after in the centers library. The Justice Department may need help with questioning the young men. Islamic leaders say the government has gotten about 1,200 immigrants and that have been deprived of their rights. Cooperation of New Jersey Police can be done without breaking racial profile laws. FBI to quiz fewer then 100 Arabs FBI officials told Nabil Ablassi (president of the Islamic Center of Passaic County) that they had plans to question 70 to 80 people in the Paterson area. Questioning has not begun yet in New Jersey. FBI Agents from the Newark area visited the Paterson mosque Tuesday night to inform them that people in the area will be interviewed. Although the exact number of people on the list has not been released.

Six hijackers lived in the Paterson area prior to the September 11th attacks. Soon the questioning of Arabic people will begin. WTC aid center to trim hours New Jersey Family Assistance Center which was created to help in aiding families who had victims of the September 11 accident is cutting down hours and staff. The center in the Liberty State Park used to be opened from 7 am to 9 PM everyday. Now it is going to be changing to 9 am to 5 PM Mondays through Saturdays. Today is also going to be the last Sunday that ferry trips will be offered to family members of victims to the World Trade Center site. Political Cartoons Who is your favorite Super Hero Who – Superman, Batman, Fireman Where – A Ballot Interpretation – With all that’s going on around Ground Zero Firemen seem to be the people who are saving lives more then anyone Blood Donation Who – Receptionist & The President Where – Blood Drive Interpretation – When the US get their hands on Osama Bin Laden their going to spill all of his blood. So why not do the right thing with it. Although I doubt anyone would want the blood of a killer running through their veins. NJ Senate eyes $135 million

When the senate meets tomorrow they will vote on a bill that will decide if they should spend 135 million dollars on a plan to repair a dam. Until McGreevy finds out the financial future of the state he had told lawmakers to stop on everything except salaries, expenses, and social benefit. McGreevy thinks that 1.9 billion will be spent when all is said and done. But this estimate is only if NJ really needs the money. Law puts kids up to 8 in booster seats In Passaic car pooling is an essential key in getting children to school. And in Yeshiva Ktana Jewish children get rides to school from parents or neighbors. Although on Saturday this will turn into a problem because children 8 years and younger and 80 pounds and lighter will have to ride in a booster seat. This will mainly be a problem because there won’t be enough space for as many kids.

The new law makes NJ the first state to require booster seats. Fassel, Giants lament fourth-quater failures Approximately 6 times Fassel and his Offensive Staff watched the last play of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. They watched how Ron Dixon almost made a 74 yard touch down but was stopped by Damon Moore at the Eagles 6 yard line. “It’s so much a reflection of the way our season went,” Fassel said. They were so close yet so far. One problem that the Giants have is that once they get to the fourth quater they begin to slack and let the opposing team make a comeback. This is what has happened so many times in the past. Firefighter injured in Dover house blaze Late night Friday on Lakehurst Road there was a fire which caused a fireman to get injured.

What had happened was while fighting the fire some disintegrated walkboard dust went into his eyes. He was treated at the Community Medical Center. Over 50 firefighters attended the blaze because there were actually 2 that night. The first was at about 10:20 PM and the second was at 1:55. It is thought that the fire wasn’t totally put out and rekindled itself. The Lakehurst Bureau of Fire Prevention will now be investigating what had happened in the fire. Post-September 11 polls no lasting change in religiosity If you look at the national polls on how people feel about the September 11th attacks you’ll see to most people nothing happened on September 11th.

But when you look at the polls around central New Jersey where many families lost loved ones, the polls are totally different. You will see a large difference. Also the amount of people that go to church was up 40% after the attacks. Now more people aren’t sure what to do, and they were also praying for people who were missing. And some prayed for people that have died. About a week after the amount of people went back down. Although it was still higher then what it had been previous to the September 11th attacks.

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